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Looking for Nanotechnology Assignment Help? But first, let's see what Nanotechnology is? It is one of the most sought after subjects of the twenty-first century, and it is, without doubt, one of the most essential topics of the existing era. On the other hand, given the race and the market, you should be very cautious and competent, and complete the course with excellent grades. Do not worry so easily that there is no problem as long as work assistance is available round the clock to help you. At Sample Assignment, we offer help with Nanotechnology assignments services that efficiently complement your assignments and projects.

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Our mission is to provide you 100% unique and well thought out assignment so it will allow you to get the highest score every time. Our all-in-one services aim to simplify the core concepts of the subject in better ways, and prepare you to put them to worthy practical usage, and help you achieve the apex of achievement. We are just a few clicks away from your request to do my assignment. Visit our website and get a Nanotechnology assignment sample online free and understand the concept of Nanotechnology along with the assignment writing technique.

nanotechnology assignment help

What is Nanotechnology? Its Definition, Types and Application

It is the design, synthesis, fabrication, manipulation, and application of functional materials, devices, and systems at the Nano scale meaning that they are one billionth of a meter (10 ^ -9).

Such a minute-scale manipulation behaves in an unpredictable manner and takes on completely new properties. That's why, scientists use nanotechnology to develop novel and economical materials and systems with inimitable properties.

Richard Feynman, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, is considered the father of "Nanoscience". In 1959 he proposed to develop products based on the rearrangement of atoms and molecules.

Nanotechnology is not defined according to the type of system under study, but based on a scale (Nano-scale), it allows it to be transversal and has application in all activities of human endeavour such as the environment, energy field, medicine, electronics, space exploration, construction, agriculture, cosmetics, etc. This is why nanotechnology has so much influence in our community, and there is consensus that nanotechnology will lead the 21st-century industrial revolution, as did Charles M. West (former president of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)) in a 2001 speech.

Types Of Nanotechnology

The different nanotechnology categories are classified according to their way of proceeding (top-down or bottom-up) and the nature of the atmosphere in which they work (dry or wet). The types are:

1. Ascending (Bottom-up) - It originates with a nanometric structure - a molecule, for instance - and through an assembly or self-assembly process, a mechanism greater than the initial one is created.

2. Descending (top-down) - Mechanisms and structures are scales down to the Nanoscale - ranging in size from 1 to 100 nanometers. It is the most frequent to date, especially in the field of electronics.

3. Wet nanotechnology- It works on biological systems existent in an aqueous atmosphere - including membranes, enzymes, genetic material, and other cellular modules.

4. Dry nanotechnology- It is used to make structures in carbon, silicon, inorganic materials, metals, and semiconductors that do not work with humidity.

Application Areas Of Nanotechnology

Environment- The development of materials that are non-polluting such energy and processes, wastewater treatment, soil disinfection, water instability, wastewater management, recycling of materials and the recognition of harmful elements or toxic gases are some of the applications of nanotechnology in the environment with the help of Nanosensors.

Medicine. Nano-medicine is the term given to the applications which are dedicated to the field of Medicine. In this domain, we find the expansion of drug Nano-carriers directed to precise spots in the body, which can be useful in the cure of cancer or other syndromes; molecular biosensors with the ability to detect an element of concern such as glucose or a biomarker of the virus, nanobots programmed to recognize and destroy cells of tumour or repair tissue for example nanoparticles with antiseptic bone tissue following a fracture, and antiseptic properties, and so forth.

Energy- Regarding the energy segment, it will seek to develop energy creation and storing systems, particularly renewable ones, such as solar energy, or energy-based on Hydrogen; as well technologies that reduce energy depletion through the development of innovative, more efficient thermal insulators based on nanomaterial.

Information and communication expertise- In this expanse, they relate to the expansion of data storage systems with larger capacity and the reduction of their existing size, content-based screens with more tractability or other properties such as transparency, along with the advancement of quantum computers. An assignment of Nanotechnology application assignment is below attached, detailing about communication techniques suitable for a workplace. Here, you can check our experts approach to writing an assignment.

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