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Introduction to Network Technology:-

Network technology permits the interchange of data between small and large intelligence systems used predominantly by the organizations and academic institutions. Network techies also known as network administrators or experts, are answerable for the inauguration, configuration, and repairing of the network technology used to mediate digital statistics together with data files, video audiovisuals, etc.

With the help of network technology users can send or receive files, messages, and other useful information via mails or other networking channels which are based on the requirements of an organization.

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network technology and management assignment help

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network technology and management assignment help

network technology and management assignment help

What Are The Different Network Technologies? Know With Our Network Technology And Management Assignment Service

The categorization of network technologies can be done based on scale and transmission. By using these technologies we can easily exchange or transmit our data from one place to another. Some networking technologies are:-

LAN (Local Area Network):- These are the most commonly considered networks, one of the most original, common, and manageable types of networks. These networks are connected in a small range which ranges from 100 m to 10 km. The main constituents of LAN mostly comprise Hubs, workstations, nodes, peripheral devices like scanners or printers, cables like coaxial or twisted pair cables, etc.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network):- this is a type of network where countless LANs are unified together via networking devices like bridges, and then it forms a MAN or metropolitan area network. A MAN compasses the whole geographic area like city or towns and campus also. Proprietorship and alimentation are operated by either a company or a single person.

WAN (Wide Area Network):- this is a type of network where countless WANs are unified together via a networking device called a route and then it generates WAN or wide area network. It connects computers cooperatively over longer concrete distances. The very basic example of WAN is the INTERNET which connects all computers across the world.

PAN (Personal Area Network):- this is a type of network which permits communication between computer devices near to a person. These networks are generally found in small residences or offices and are controlled by an organization from a single device or by a single person. This network is mostly used for personal motives.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):- A VPN is commenced virtually on the communal network for communicating as well as transferring data from sender to receiver. This network uses excavating protocols for decrypting and encrypting data at the edge of the sender and receiver.

Advantages of Network Technology:-

We can share files comfortably.

  • It is lesser in cost.
  • It is highly malleable.
  • It refines the obtainability and communication of information.
  • It implies reliability for backing up of information.
  • It encourages storage capacity.

Disadvantages of Network Technology:-

  • It permits malware and viruses.
  • It requires an entire set-up.
  • It requires a well-organized operator.
  • It lacks self-determination and robustness.
  • It generates security troubles.
network technology and management assignment help network technology and management assignment help

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