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node js academic assistance through online tutoring

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What is Node JS?

As the advancement and technology and web development are increasing day by day the requirement for node JS has attained substantial market.Node JS formed with compiling libuv platform and Google V8 JavaScript. Node JS supports various compiler to JS languages other than JavaScript such as Dartr, TypeScript, and CoffeeScript. There is no use of threading while creating scalable servers with the use of event-driven programming. This uses a callback signal for the completion of a task.It helps in connecting JavaScript with Unix network programming.Node JS was developed after 13 years of first Java Script that was ever written.

node js academic assistance through online tutoring


What are the Features of NodeJS?

There are various features associated with node JS. Some of them are listed as follows.

1. It is released under MIT license and is a very secure platform used by many people all over the world.

2.As it is built on the Google Chrome engine its execution is quite fast than another device programming.Programmers often get hold of node JS programming once they have started using it.

3.Node JS supports a single-threaded model under which a scalable server is enabled as there is no blocking between in the event mechanism which helps the server for responding.

4.It is an event-driven platform as it never waits for any API for data returned it constantly keeps on moving to the next API. The previous data can be collected through the next API.

5.When data output is expected in larger chunks there is no possibility of buffering that has ever occurred in node JS.

Solutions Provided by Node JS Academic Tutors

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