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NUR1102 Assessment Answers Under Your Budget

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NUR1102 assessment answers

This course will expose students to communicate ideas and frameworks related to health care and equip them to engage in therapeutic communication in a range of clinical and professional settings. Students will acquire and exhibit early proficiency in communicating effectively with individuals, families, and colleagues in health and academic settings.

The course's learning activities will provide students with self-awareness and self-care methods to help them build resilience in practice. Students will learn the fundamentals of therapeutic communication methods for nurses working in inter and interprofessional teams, as well as continue to improve their health and digital literacy, as well as academic writing abilities.

Students will begin creating a professional e-portfolio. To develop excellent communication skills, verbal and written communication requirements for professional and academic student achievement will be introduced. You can take NUR1102 assignment help from our experts to complete all your assignments and projects on time.

What are the Learning Outcomes of This Course?

Our NUR1102 academic assistance says that the course will help you to understand the adequate way to communicate with patients. You will get to know the importance of understanding communication and how it makes things easier for everyone. Here are some benefits of studying this course -

  • Apply a variety of communication concepts/tools, including therapeutic communication, as well as skills necessary for providing safe and effective care to a wide range of demographic groups throughout their lives.
  • Identify and express the elements that influence the effectiveness of interpersonal and interprofessional communication.
  • Recognise that health research and the best available evidence are disseminated inter-professionally for professional judgments and care decision-making, in accordance with nursing practice guidelines.
  • To support/justify arguments, identify, find, and retrieve academic knowledge.
  • Identify and describe practices for interpersonal communication that promote resilience, self-care, and cultural safety.
  • To create a professional portfolio, choose and use a digital platform.
NUR1102 assessment answers

What Topics are Covered in This Course?

NUR1102 Literacies and Communication for Health Care courses are very vast. It contains all important topics and aspects of communication and how it helps the nurses to perform their activities perfectly. Our assignment writing help experts have added here some important topics that you are going to learn during the course time; take a look at the topics jotted here -

  • Concepts of communication
  • Skills required for professional communication
  • Application of communication skills in nursing practice
  • Resilience, Self-care and Cultural safety for interpersonal communications.
  • Types of communication
  • Role of communication skills in building therapeutic relationships inpatient care.
  • Written and oral communication
  • reflective practise skills that contribute to interprofessional collaborations for quality and safe nursing care delivery.
  • Oral and written communications skills and understanding of digital literacy in the healthcare context and academic literacy to support lifelong learning.

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NUR1102 assessment answers

Best Nursing Universities of Australia

There are ample universities and colleges available in Australia that offer the best nursing courses. But if you are not aware which are best then here some of the these are added by our experts, take a look into it -

  • University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Deakin University
  • University of South Australia
  • Curtin University
  • James Cook University

Study Materials For Completing The Course

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NUR1102 assessment answers sample assignment

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Some important types of communication required in healthcare are - active listening, proper response, proper body language, communicating properly and so on.

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