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NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assignment Help

The primary focus of tasks designed for nurses inthe mental health domain lies inenhancing the standardof livingfor those experiencinga range of mental diseases and disorders. The mental health curriculum teaches students to understand a patient's specific requirements to give the best therapy possible. Throughout this program's coursework, nursing professionals learn how to employ a variety of communication approaches and suitable skill sets to guarantee effective treatment of people with mental health problems.

nur2200 mental health across the lifespan assignment help

Throughout their degree discipline, learners are often assigned challenging nursing assignments to test their grasp of the subject's concepts and to enable them in creating effective techniques for treating mentally ill patients in their future nursing professions. If anything that can help you with these challenging assignments is NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan assignment help.

Mental health nurses’ responsibilities also enable them to put their various theoretical approaches for enhancing medical care into practice. Students are frequently burnt by the challenges inherent in these complicated and long mental health assignments, and as a result, they sought out our credible and reliable NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan academic assistance to alleviate their burden for a little while.

nur2200 mental health across the lifespan assignment help

Universities Offering NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assignment

Modern nursing, as well as evidence-induced practice, are emphasized within NUR2200. Students are expected to connect theory and practice by examining the notions of bias and stigma through the lens of an ethical paradigm for decision-making as well as critical self-analysis. There are multiple universities in Australia offering this course, these are:

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Deakin University
  • Curtin University
  • University of Canberra
  • Australia National University
  • University of Western Australia

Learning Outcomes of NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assessment Answer

On completing the NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan assessment answer, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the complicated background of psychological illness as well as the treatment of those suffering from mental illness within our communities.
  2. Comprehend the process of recovery as well as the Recovery “star” paradigm of psychological health within Australia.
  3. Recognize mental health laws throughout Australia’s states including territory as well as the rights of people.
  4. Achieve a rudimentary grasp of non-psychotic and psychotic symptoms, prevalent mental health illnesses, therapies, and related side effects.
  5. Understand the particular function of the psychiatric nurses within the Australian psychiatric healthcare setting.

nur2200 mental health across the lifespan assignment help

Recent Research Review for Mental Health Across the Lifespan

The current research explores changes in psychological health over the adult life from a favourable as well as a conventional viewpoint defined by the exclusion of psychopathology, taking physical health into account as a possible confounder (Lee et al., 2019). Consequently, psychological health is defined not only by the avoidance of psychopathology, yet also by the existence of pleasant emotions and performance both in individual as well associetal realms (Wakschlag et al., 2019). Psychopathology and good mental health, as per two continuum paradigms, are connected but separate variables.

One continuum measures the absence or presence of psychopathology, whereas the other measures the presence or absence of good mental health. According to the two-continuum model, a person with minimal signs of psychopathology might have had a high level of positive psychological health, including good emotions and functioning throughout life, and might have a low or no level of positive psychological health (Pitman, Mann & Johnson, 2018).

Confirmatory component analyses demonstrate that psychopathology, as well as mental health, are distinct continuums with somewhat distinct genetic predispositions. Additionally, both poor positive psychological health and a decline in psychological wellbeing are associated with future mental diseases (Mousteri et al., 2019). To evaluate mental health over the lifetime, assessments must include not just psychopathology changes by age, and also good mental health.

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Mousteri, V., Daly, M., Delaney, L., Tynelius, P., & Rasmussen, F. (2019). Adolescent mental health and unemployment over the lifespan: Population evidence from Sweden.Social Science & Medicine,222, 305-314.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When an individual experiences a mental disorder, it alters the brain's function and chemistry. It interrupts the transmission of the neurons. And all these alterations also impact the stream of neurotransmission. Mental diseases have been connected to variations in the number of neurotransmitters within the brain.

A mental disorder does not distinguish it may afflict anybody regardless of their age, gender, location, wealth, social position, ethnic/race origin, religion or spirituality, sexual preference, or other components of culture and identity.

Because our brains and bodies are inextricably linked, it's unsurprising that mental illness may manifest physically. Depression, for instance, might manifest as headaches, exhaustion, and digestive difficulties, while anxiety can manifest as an unsettled stomach. Additionally, sleeplessness, restlessness, and difficulties focusing may occur.

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