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This course teaches students how to conduct basic nursing evaluations for person-centred, holistic care utilising a lifetime perspective. This course applies the ideas of health, wellness, and evidence-based professional nursing practice. It gives students improved knowledge and skills for delivering safe and efficient consumer-led, person-centred nursing care to individuals in simulated and real-world clinical settings, allowing students to broaden their range of activities in providing care for people of all ages with physical and mental health care needs in today's clinical settings. Nursing is a challenging subject of study, and students pursuing this field often go online looking for assessment help, including NURBN 1017 assessment answers.

Students can go from developing simple to sophisticated nursing practice in evaluation, nutrition management, skin care management, and elimination management by taking this course, which includes nursing ideas and inquiry. Self-management and reflective practice shall be promoted under the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards (2017) and embracing nursing activities, as well as the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards of Practice (2016). Students will get the opportunity to practise communication skills, assist with everyday tasks, and do nursing evaluations of physical and psychological requirements during clinical placements, giving them a taste of the workplace culture. Eighty hours of clinical placement are included in the course.

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NURBN 1017 assessment answers

What is Nursing Assessment?

A nurse will collect, organise, and evaluate the patient's health information using methods based on the latest scientific research to understand more about a patient's general health, symptoms, and concerns. Consideration of the patient's biological, social, psychological, cultural, and spiritual values and beliefs is part of this process.

The patient's treatment plan and continuing decisions regarding the patient's health state are subsequently informed by this information, which may include recognising urgent, emergent, or life-threatening situations. A nurse then notes and interprets this information.

Inadequate nursing evaluations can endanger patients' safety, making assessments essential to their well-being. Every nurse should be able to do a timely and appropriate holistic nursing evaluation in each setting where they practise nursing.

NURBN 1017 Assessment Answers

Steps of the Nursing Assessment Process

Evaluation being the primary step in the nursing assessment process, the steps can be classified as -

  1. Diagnosis: The registered nurse develops a diagnosis for the patient based on the information acquired during the assessment. This diagnostic considers the patient's medical problems and how those may affect their psychological, social, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Planning: The medical staff creates a care plan that details the goals for each patient's treatment and recovery, as well as possible treatment outcomes and the actions necessary to ensure the therapy is successful.
  3. Implementation: Actual completion of all tasks during the planning stage.
  4. Evaluation: A determination of the intervention's degree of effectiveness and, if necessary, a modification to the initial treatment plan.

What is included in a Nursing Assessment?

To make judgments regarding the course of a patient's treatment, nurses apply critical thinking when reviewing the results of their evaluations. It is easier for nurses to prioritise interventions and care providers when they are aware of normal and abnormal patient physiology. As part of their decision-making process to ensure safe patient care, nurses also consult and work collaboratively with the larger healthcare team.

Nurses must regularly re-evaluate patients to ensure the treatment plan is still appropriate for their requirements and to consider any changes in their state of health. It is essential to regularly re-evaluate patients to ensure patient safety and enhance patient health outcomes. Their health might be seriously endangered by not doing so.

NURBN 1017 assessment answers

Types of Nursing Assessments

The four medical examinations that are frequently carried out on patients are:

  • Initial Assessment: This, also known as triage, aims to identify the cause and nature of the issue and utilise that knowledge to set up the subsequent assessment phases. This first evaluation is the most thorough step in the whole procedure since the success of the next steps in the medical process depends on their correctness.
  • Typically, it involves obtaining the patient's medical history, having them physically examined, and doing a psychological evaluation in the case of individuals with mental disorders. The first evaluation could also entail taking the patient's vital signs and checking for any unnoticeable symptoms that could point to an underlying disease, depending on the patient's condition.

  • Focused Assessment: The concentrated evaluation phase follows the initial examination, exposing and treating the medical condition. Vital signs are continuously tracked throughout all four evaluations. The patient's condition is stabilised, and their discomfort is reduced. A long-term treatment plan is put into action during this phase.
  • Time-Lapsed Assessment: The time-lapsed assessment is carried out to examine how the patient responds to the established treatment plan and how their condition is progressing following the accurate diagnosis of the medical problem and the implementation of a treatment plan. Depending on the problem, a time-lapsed analysis might take a few hours to a few months. The patient's state is continuously assessed throughout this period, and the effectiveness of the treatment is determined by comparing it to previously recorded data.
  • Emergency Assessment: The emergency assessment is carried out during emergency operations to check the patient's airway, breathing, and circulation, as well as the reason for the issue. The registered nurse must ensure that the emergency rescue procedure impacts no other persons. The next phase focuses on whether the assessment is successful and the patient's vital signs stabilised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve a 4-year bachelor's degree in nursing, the student must have completed matric level education and passed Maths, English as a first or home language, life orientation, and Biology.

Different nursing programmes have different entrance criteria depending on the degree and university. 96 to 144 UCAS points are required for a nursing degree, with foundation year degrees requiring as little as 72 points.

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