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National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ)

The improvements made to the English educational model, from the first years of the eighties, which were crystallized in educational reforms towards the middle of that decade, tend to the following objectives:

  • Create a more competitive workforce in the international arena.
  • Have a more flexible workforce.
  • Give credit and practical support to the concept of continuing education, without entry requirements and with more flexible and accessible training methods.
  • Move from a "supply-driven" training system to one that reflects and responds to the needs of the labor market.
  • Develop a training system characterized by efficiency and profitability, which enjoys a solid reputation and the same level as academic training.
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This is how the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ) was created in 1986 to reform the system of professional qualifications that existed in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The creation of the NCVQ emerged as a result of a review of the Professional Qualifications that brought to light the need to implement a series of urgent actions to achieve:

  • A national workforce that includes a greater number of more qualified personnel;
  • Qualifications based directly on the skill levels required in the job;
  • A simplified and streamlined national qualification framework;
  • Higher quality and consistency in evaluation and certification;
  • End the division between academic and professional degrees.

The National Qualifications system is based on competence standards led by employers' organizations, such standards reflect the present and future needs of companies in terms of productivity and competitiveness; the standards and qualifications that are integrated with them are developed based on competencies that people perform and can demonstrate.

The development of the competence standards that make up the national vocational qualifications is promoted by the National Qualifications Authority which, among many other functions at the educational level, deals with the competence standards and promotes a set of certifying centers (Awarding Bodies) and evaluation centers (Assessment Centers) and manages the quality assurance mechanisms through an external control system.

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Training In Professional And Technical Training

Vocational and technical education in the UK is highly diverse as new qualifications intermingle with old ones. Both some and the other teachings are detailed below:

National Vocational Qualification. NVQ (National Professional Qualification) And The Scottish Vocational Qualification.

SVQ (Scottish Professional Qualification)- It is one of the new qualifications recently launched in England, Wales and Scotland. These teachings are validated by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications. NCVO (National Council for Professional Qualifications 5 and by the Scottish Vocational Education Council. SCTVEC) (Scottish Council for Vocational Education), based on competency criteria defined by the industry and responding to certain other conditions. The main objective of the NVQ and SVQ is to try to meet the needs of 80% of the workforce in a certain period at levels 1-4 in Great Britain.

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The British Level 1 practically corresponds to the unskilled operator and the second to a category somewhat lower than the qualified operator, level 2 of the European Union. Below are the British levels in correspondence with those set forth by CEDEFOP:

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Level 2: All types of training are possible, with all national professional qualifications being accredited by the N \ Q (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and SCOTEVEC (Scotland). City and Guilds and RSA exams are centrally prepared and conducted by Councils, which also issue degrees.

Level 3: National professional qualifications are obtained that are accredited by the NVCQ and SCOTVEC. The examinations are prepared and carried out by the usual practice of the specific body, which awards its certificates and degrees.

Level 4: All types of full-time training, day release, and sandwich courses are possible. The qualifications are national professional certificates, accredited by the National Council for Professional Qualifications. The exams are prepared and carried out by the usual practice of the specific issuing body, which awards its certifications and degrees, later accredited by the NVCQ.

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