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What Is Optometry?

Today's Optometry has its origin in North America. Developed by Opticians-Optometrists. It has a triple aspect of preventing, detecting, and solving visual problems. Your final goal is to achieve extreme visual performance with nominal fatigue. To do this, it studies, in addition to the refractive state of the eyes, aspects that may have influenced in some way the development and visual learning, possible binocular dysfunctions, behaviors in terms of pose and reading distance, environment or environment: colors, lighting, furniture, and so on. Optometry pays special care to the operation of the visual system at short distances (reading, precision work, writing, video terminals"¦), as this is where most visual dysfunctions instigate.

optometrists academic assistance through online tutoring

The study of the relationships between LIGHT and VISION is as old as civilization itself. But not only scientists have explored these fields. The enigmas of light related to vision have dazzled poets, philosophers, artists, architects, engineers, physicists, journalists, physiologists, psychologists.

Perception, which was originally a philosophical concept, inevitably led to the investigation of ocular structure, physiology and the nervous system itself. But neither anatomy nor physiology could cover all the phenomena of vision, and in the 19th century, psychological studies and experiments had to be added.

Health Promotion, Levels Of Care, And Roles Of Optometrist

We understand by health promotion the process that will allow people to exercise control over the factors that influence their health to improve it. Its ecological basis is expressed in the proposed balances between self-help and mutual aid on the one hand. And the creation of healthy environments on the other, as well as, between the strategic use of public participation and the establishment of a healthy public policy. In this structure, health is conceived in terms of the degree to which people can fulfill their aspirations, satisfy their needs, and adapt to or modify the environment. The creation of healthy environments is understood to be the alteration of the social, economic, or physical environment to preserve or improve health.

That is why it is worth emphasizing then the levels of care that are universally applicable and provide an efficient response to health coverage.

Level I: Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

At the first level, there is a healthy population and the objective is to maintain it; maintaining health is achieved through two events: promoting health and preventing illness or disability. In this first level, Optometry interacts in conjunction with other medical and non-medical disciplines

Level II: Healing

At the second level, some individuals do not experience the state of well-being and their incorporation to the first level is achieved through healing, through clinical intervention. Medical professionals act at this level.

optometrists academic assistance through online tutoring optometrists academic assistance through online tutoring

Level III: Rehabilitation

In the third level, we place the disabled population whose rehabilitation is achieved through the instrumentalization of elements of therapy. Doctors, rehabilitation assistants from different disciplines, psychologists, and optometrists interact at this level.

Optometry and Ophthalmology Work Together

Visual health is one of the branches of medicine that is most consulted since it is normal that many diseases have consequences on vision. However, many people do not know what optometry is and what ophthalmology is, so it is important to establish the differences.

Optometry is the science of primary eye health care. It is responsible for preventing, diagnosing, treating, and correcting visual disorders. Optometrists are in a position to determine pathologies, analyze the patient's conditions, and make supported references on the condition of the eyes. If necessary, the patient will continue his studies with an ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmology is the medical specialty that is responsible for studying diseases of the eye and the functionality of its parts. It is one of the areas that work the most at an interdisciplinary level within medicine since many human diseases have collateral effects on visual health. Technological advances are the most important companions in ophthalmological diagnoses. It has two strong branches, the medical one that is about treatments and the surgical one that is about interventions.

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