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Do you know that Perioperative Nursing is one of the best-paid professions in Australia? Registered Perioperative Nurses' salary is around $77,386 per year or $39.69 per hour. Even those who are at the entry-level position earn $77,154 per year. If you also want to make such an amount of money, this is the best option.

Perioperative nurses are those registered nurses who primarily work in the operating room. Most of the time, these nurses are regarded as surgical or operating nurses. They mainly take care of the patients before, after and during the surgery. This course helps the students to learn and understand the concepts of nursing.

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What Are The Learning Outcomes Of The Course?

Our Perioperative Nursing academic assistance has said that the students can gain knowledge and skills. So here we are with some learning outcomes of this course; take a quick look -

  1. Practising sub-speciality settings.
  2. Demonstration of competency in a range of surgical subspecialties.
  3. Understanding of multiple surgical procedures from within a surgical subspecialty.
  4. Drafting a proper surgical plan for patients who are undergoing surgery from 2 sub-specialities.
  5. Compare perioperative patient journeys across a variety of surgical subspecialties.
  6. Understanding each part of perioperative nursing and its applications in various fields.
  7. Taking care of the patients during the surgical time.
  8. Defining the delivery parameters of perioperative nursing.
  9. Exploring the applications of National Standards of perioperative nursing.
  10. Examining and understanding the roles and responsibilities of perioperative nursing.

These are some most important skills and knowledge you will gain after completing the Perioperative Nursing course. If you need any further information regarding the course, then you can get in touch with us at any time. Our Perioperative Nursing assessment answer providers are ever ready to help you out.

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Best Universities For Perioperative Nursing Course

There are numerous universities in Australia that offer the best nursing course. Here our Perioperative Nursing case study solutions providers have come up with a list of the best universities where you can apply for this course.

  • University of Notre Dame Australia
  • University of Victoria
  • The University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Western Sydney University
  • University of Adelaide
  • Monash University
  • Griffith University

All these universities are famous, and students prefer these universities to complete their education.

How Many Phases are There in Perioperative Nursing?

Our Perioperative Nursing assessments helpers suggest there are mainly three phases involved in perioperative nursing. Being a nursing student, you must have an idea about these phases. Therefore we have added only a few points to summarise the entire portion. Take a look at what we have added here -

Preoperative - This is the stage of surgery where you decide on surgery. This stage begins when the patient is admitted to the regular ward and concludes when the patient is transferred to the operating room. During this time, nurses strive to persuade the patient to have surgery. Before the procedure, it is critical to prepare physically and mentally. The amount of time spent preparing for surgery differs from patient to patient. It's a bit longer for some, and it's fairly short for others.

Intraoperative- Intraoperative is the second phase, which begins when the patient enters the operating room and ends when the patient exits the operating room and is transferred to the general ward. Following that, perioperative nurses look after the patients until they fully recover. As a result, Nurses keep an eye on each action throughout this time. Nurses primarily protect patients against infections that might be harmful to their health.

Postoperative - The patient is moved from the recovery unit to the postoperative phase, the final stage of the process. Perioperative Nursing Assignment Help providers may assist you if you want further information. You can reach out to our staff at any time.

What Topics are Covered under this Course?

This covers multiple subjects and concepts to help students develop and evolve their minds and think like a nurse. The course has been designed very smartly. So take a look at what topics are included in the syllabus -

  • Evidence-based care
  • Hygiene and aseptic
  • Passing instruments
  • Instrumental care - and Sterilization processes
  • Laws and regulations
  • Handling of drugs
  • Medical technique
  • Operation methods and technologies
  • Perioperative nursing
  • Person-oriented nursing
  • The cooperation in a team
  • Safe care
  • Topographic anatomy
  • Perioperative Patient Teaching
  • NPSG’s that apply to the OR setting
  • Anaesthesia
  • Intraoperative Considerations
  • Post-anaesthetic Assessment and Care
  • Pain Management
  • Wound care
  • Perioperative Complications
  • Special Populations; the elderly, pediatric, pregnant, diabetic
perioperative nursing  assignment help perioperative nursing assignment help

These topics are fascinating as well as difficult too. If you need to know more about these topics and want to take Nursing Assignment Help, then Sample Assignment is ever ready to guide and support you.

What are the Habits of Perioperative Nursing?

To date, multiple types of research have been done to find out perioperative nursing. Research has revealed three main categories of habits found in perioperative nursing culture: habits that promote ethical values (by forming temporary friendships with patients, showing respect for one another, and spending time reflecting on ethics and caring); habits that impede progress (by viewing the patient as a surgical case, not acknowledging colleagues, and not discussing ethics); and habits that set the cultural tone (by treating patients as surgical cases, not acknowledging colleagues, and not discussing ethics) (the hidden power structure and achieving more in less time).

Source - Lindwall, L., & Von Post, I. (2008). Habits in perioperative nursing culture. Nursing Ethics, 15(5), 670-681.

Book Recommendations For Perioperative Nursing Course

On the internet, you will get millions and billions of resources that have some sort of information about perioperative courses. Still, it is indeed tricky to find out which one is best for you and can enhance your skills and knowledge. Our Perioperative Nursing case study answer providers have added some reference links that can help you during your course. So, take a quick look at the names added here -

  • Phillips, N & Sedlak, PK 2010, Surgical instrumentation, Delmar Cengage, Clifton Park
  • Aitkenhead, AR Smith, G & Rowbotham, DJ 2007, Textbook of anaesthesia, (5th edition) Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh
  • Schick, L & Windle, PE 2010, Perianesthesia nursing core curriculum: pre-procedure, phase I and II PACU nursing, (2nd edition), WB Saunders, St. Louis
  • Rothrock 2010, Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery, 14th edition, Mosby, St. Louis

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