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PHYS1520 assignment help

Importance of Physics and Engineering In Advance Technology

Both Physics and engineering play an essential role in the development of society, generating the fundamental knowledge necessary for technological advances. Wealth and prosperity in the modern economy are based on the ability to transform raw materials into high-tech products with high added value. A competitive economy is gaining strength thanks to constant innovation.

physics and engineering

Phys1520 will train you as an engineering professional with a strong scientific component and as a physics professional with a large technological component. It will equip you with the ability to conceive, design, and produce electronic equipment and systems, use mathematical techniques and collaborate with professionals in related technologies, as well as to acquire new knowledge and apply emerging technologies in the field of Physics for Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Phys1520 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

It is intended to show in a striking and didactic way several physical phenomena of great importance in engineering and architecture and their most direct applications. Activities that contradict ordinary experience will be carried out to capture the attention of visitors, the physical principle underlying them will be explained to them to understand why what is being seen happens, and its application.

Description and methodology Of Phys1520

The workshop will be divided into activities related to the three thematic groups. At the end of each group of activities, the monitor will present the applications of each topic to the public.

Kinematics and dynamics: In a vacuum tube, the observer can appreciate how the acceleration of gravity is the same regardless of the body. The relationship between kinetic and potential energy will also be shown using a Maxwell wheel. Also, you will be able to observe the precursors of cinema through a zoetrope and praxinoscope.

Center of masses: First, the monitor will show visitors a figure designed to have the center of mass at a point that is not the center of the figure. In the next activity, the audience will build a figure in which they will try to put the center of mass at a certain point and check that it remains supported at that point. Subsequently, a body will be taken in which the height of the center of mass will be varied and how it affects the possibility of overturning.

Conservation of angular momentum: In the first activity, the gyroscope, small gyroscopes will be given to visitors. The stability of these devices will then be shown by placing them on a thin rope and checking that they do not fall. In the next activity, a visitor will be seated in a swivel chair and asked to hold a rotating steering wheel. Lastly, a rotary hand wheel will be hung from one end of the shaft to experience the change of the turning shaft.

Fluids:   To demonstrate the lifting force of a body in water, a figure will be placed in a tube where we will control the pressure and observe how it will submerge, float, or rise.

Thermodynamics: First, the relationship between pressure and volume will be shown by placing a balloon in a vacuum bell and checking how it inflates when the pressure decreases. Afterward, they will be shown the relationship between temperature and volume using a handheld kettle.

PHYS1520 assignment help PHYS1520 assignment help

Optics:   The user will be able to observe a moving hologram through a holographic pyramid. Also, you will be able to create a hologram of a small object using a lens set, microscope.

Electricity and magnetism:   The first activity, wireless energy transmission, consists of a magnetically coupled transmitter coil and receiver coil. The second activity, the Marx generator capacitor, is a circuit in which a high voltage pulse is generated by charging several capacitors in parallel. The third activity will combine rotation with magnetism by spinning a top made of magnets on a larger magnet. The fourth and last activity consists of creating an electromagnet integrated into a glove where the visitor can feel like a superhero using it to repel or attract figures.

Oscillations: An oscillation pendulum will be used to show the relationship between the length of the rope and the period of oscillation and its relationship with the oscillations caused in a structure by a building.

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