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practical analysis structure

What Is Practical Analysis Structure?

The Practical Analysis Structure Of Project(EAP) is the schematization of the project, or if you want, an outline of the optimal alternative, expressed in its most general features, as a tree of objectives and actions, which coherently, summarizes the intervention at four hierarchical levels: End (Central objective of the project), Purpose (Specific objective), Components (Results or products) and Activities, and that serves as the basis for the definition of the elements of the Narrative Summary of the Logical Framework Matrix

practical analysis academic assistance through online tutoring

We built in the problem tree, objectives tree, and the alternatives analysis is reflected in the analytical structure project. The EAP is usually defined as the outline of the project. An outline of the relationship between the optimal alternative to the objectives and actions. This relationship is presented in the form of a tree through hierarchical levels organized vertically.

  • Bottom Of The Tree: Activities
  • The Second Level Of The Tree: Components
  • Third Level: Purpose
  • Upper Level: Project Purposes

How To Make The Practical Analysis Structure Of A Project

Step 1: The Aims Of The Project

With the purpose or undertaking of the project, you describe how through your intervention (the entire lower part of the analytical structure) you are going to generate a solution to the central problem.

Another way of defining the end is: why is the project important? The answer should match what we would think is the long-term impact of the project contribution, and we say contribution because the end is not necessarily generated once the project is finished. The most normal thing is that the end is generated as a long-term impact.

For example: Getting the reduction of complaints and claims made by customers will not achieve:

Increase the market share, profit, and motivation of workers by yourself. It will help to achieve it, of course, it will. But not in isolation, since it depends on other much more complex factors.

The immediate increase in market share, profit, and motivation of workers. This will be a long-term impact.

How to do it: Take the ends or the end found at the top (the leaves) of the objective tree. This will be the top of the EAP.

Step 2: The Purpose Of The Project

The purpose is the result or effect of having the project completed. According to the logical framework methodology, the title of the project originates from the purpose, which is why in the logical framework matrix there must be one per project.

The purpose is achieved through the production and implementation of the components. It will not be enough for you to have the components or products made. To achieve this purpose, you must use them.

For example, the "customer service training program for after-sales personnel" will not help reduce customer complaints if you only train once. This training should be a permanent part of the company, being periodic for current and new employees of the company.

practical analysis academic assistance through online tutoring practical analysis academic assistance through online tutoring

How to do it: It is the same central objective of the objective tree. It is connected with the end or ends of the project.

Step 3: Project Components

Components are the goods or services (tangible products) resulting from the project to fulfill the purpose.

Consequently, we must write them as a result of an action, which requires adding the ending -er or -ir referring to the past participle. In fact, and ahead of the logical framework matrix, the components are defined as results.

How to do it: In the components, you place the result of having executed the strategies (actions) of the analysis of alternatives.

Step 4: Project Activities

In the activities, you define what you will do to fulfill the strategies and deliver the components.

We like to call them macro activities because in this step we define only the most relevant per component. Of course, there will be moments to define them in detail, but this will be done in other stages of project planning, for example when the disaggregated work structure (WBS) or the responsibility assignment matrix is drawn up.

How to do it? Define the activities required for each component in chronological order.

Step 5: Generate the Practical Analysis Structure

Having all the steps done, all that remains is to draw the analytical structure of the project.

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