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Students pursuing their engineering degree from leading universities should be aware of the problems and challenges that arise when writing various assignments on Production Industrial Engineering. Well, the fact is that it is very difficult for engineering students to understand and remember all the concepts and chapters of the subject. Short term deadlines, different subject tasks, and outdoor activities are some reasons students look for  Production Industrial Engineering Assignment Help. At Sample Assignment, we offer  help with Production Industrial Engineering Assignment  to students across the world. Now, you don't have to worry about good grades in the assignment if you took our  engineering assignment help.

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Topics On Which The Product Design Engineering Assignments Are Based On?

Product Design Engineering is a combination of different professional fields. On the one hand, Engineering, with its technical and scientific foundations, such as the methodical design process, dynamic and static computational analysis, the resistance of materials, the manufacturing processes, among others. On the other, the human and social and human sciences, inscribed in the economic-administrative, socio-political, and cultural context.

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The assignments of the program focus on:

  • Application of new technologies.
  • Use of computational tools for engineering analysis.
  • Acquire scientific thinking.
  • Projects with social relevance.
  • Significantly innovative.
  • Encouragement of student initiatives.

Areas Of Study At Product Design Engineering

Design- Which teaches how to define and project the priorities and functional relationships of a product so that they form a whole.

Production- Its objectives are to study technical resources and raw materials for manufacturing processes. Teaches to reduce production costs, while seeking to increase productivity and quality

Values and Culture- Its objectives are to give naturalness and a feeling of belonging to the product about the user; and incorporate the values and culture of individuals into products as well as emotions, traditions, and aesthetics.

Marketing- Seeks to identify product opportunities, contribute to the reputation of a brand, identify and enhance the elements of a product, to help its sale; boost sales of the company's products in specific markets.

Study Objectives Of Product Design Engineering

There are certain types of products or objects of study typical of the Design Engineer. To broadly present the perimeter of their training, let's consider the following aspects:

For the Product Design Engineer, the objects of study are technical artifacts where the first condition to intervene is the function that it carries out about a subject (people or animals). To better understand the function, the Engineer performs a functional analysis of the product, identifying the actions carried out and the flows of energy, matter, or information.

Not all the artifacts that man makes, inherent to his bio-psycho-social development, and understood as processes and products, are the object of study by the Product Design Engineer. The objects of his theoretical and practical work have a framework aimed at developing and strengthening the scientific and technological work within the industrial and economic production systems, typical of engineering.

Products Developed by a Product Design Engineer

Appliances: Automatic dispensers, Refrigerators, electric, gas, and halogen ovens and stoves, microwave ovens, food grinders (kitchen helpers), rice cookers, deep fryers, blenders, mixers, toasters, sandwich makers, fans, kettle boilers, etc.

Transportation Systems: One-person vehicles with a gasoline engine, electric vehicles for different applications, boats, hovercraft, vehicles for agriculture, for transporting motorcycles, among others.

Plastic products: punch bowls, buckets, cases, containers, cups, wells, brush handles, tools, pots, packaging, chairs, tables, toys, shelves, toiletries, bathroom and kitchen accessories, organizer systems, clips and straps, trash baskets, baskets, etc.

Metalworking products: Elevators, display systems, metal furniture (filing cabinets, shelves, boxes and cases, stainless steel kitchens, tools, and agricultural implements), vessels and containers, electrical and electronic accessories, and lighting, mechanical devices, among many others.

Ceramic Products: tableware and accessories for the served table, dining room, and kitchen, accessories for bathrooms and wet areas in general, accessories for construction, and circulation in public spaces such as tiles, tiles, lighting components.

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Wood Product: Furniture in general (shelves, chairs, shop windows, computer tables, desks, information systems such as billboards, panels, and accessories for construction, coat racks, garden benches, wooden toys, tool handles, wooden furniture. kitchen, etc).

Production Systems and Industrial Engineering

A production system is the design procedure by which elements are converted into valuable products. It is characterized by the input-conversion-results sequence, the same that applies to a great variety of human activities.

According to our Production Industrial Engineering assignment experts, the first achievements of man in the field of production were exceedingly crude. With increasing capacity when it was available and the power mechanics, new relationships between men and machines became increasingly clear the need for better techniques of management. The first efforts to satisfy this need were made by following the methods developed in the physical sciences.

Later studies took into account the human factor and applied more elaborate mathematical techniques that required the use of computers. As production systems became more complex, modeling techniques suitable for handling complicated relationships were developed.

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