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Many psychologists and other experts in the field define psychology as the study of people’s mind and behavior. The term psychology is coined from, psyche, a Greek word meaning breath and logia, another Greek word meaning “logic”. In the study of psychology, scientists often try to relate the behavior of animals to relate to human beings. For instance, Pavlov’s experiment used animals to study condition in humans. This shows that psychology is a science that is indispensable in understanding human behavior.

Concerns of Psychology

Psychology covers all areas of human life. This is because people must use their minds in various activities in which they engage thereby reflecting their behavior. In medicine, we have clinical psychology, in the fields, we have sports psychology, evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, social psychology and occupational psychology among others. All these fields relate to peoples behavior in relation to various activities they undertake in their daily lives.

Scientists use these fields of psychology to understand and predict patterns of behavior of people in these fields. Recently, the field has grown a lot with research being carried with the recent development of social media. Indeed, this field will just continue growing since the diversity of the society continues to reflect itself.

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