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 Early adulthood is a time of building and rebuilding a life for oneself. It is labelled the "prime time of life" due to the continuous changes and developmental task achievements. There are major development and changes in the physical, cognitive, social aspects of an individual.

A young adult is at the peak of their health, and all their body functioning is optimum. The thinking capacity of a young adult is now more individualistic, realistic and abstract than ever before. Amidst creating an identity for oneself, establishing a career and relationships, shaping one's life is at the heart of early adulthood.

Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood

The study of psychosocial development in early adulthood entails learning various theories, researches and modules. To understand Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood student needs to comprise of evidence based-literature, studies and theories of psychologists. This can be time-consuming and complex for a student. Our experts can provide you with apt, reliable and valid help based on your university guidelines. Our experts have a solid professional and teaching experience that enables them to serve you .

Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood

Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Adulthood Explained by Our Experts

Physical Development in Early Adulthood 

  • Optimum health – early adulthood has reached physical development maturity; the reproductive system, lung capacity, body strength, motor skills are at their utmost efficiency. Mid early adulthood is when the efficiency starts gradually declining. The health complications are negligible during early adulthood as compared to middle and late adulthood.
  • Substance abuse – falling prey to substance abuse is most likely to take place during early adulthood. The health complications faced in early adulthood could be majorly due to substance abuse than any other factors. Substance abuse is an unhealthy coping mechanism adopted by youngsters to cope with stressors. Peer pressure could also be a reason for substance abuse among young adults.
  • Sexual responsiveness- men and women attain their peak of sexual responsiveness during early adulthood. Men are at their peak of sexual responsiveness during their late teens or early twenties. At the same time, women are at their peak during their late thirties and early forties. Both are, however, sexually active during early adulthood.
  • Reproduction- early adulthood is also the time of rearing children.
  • Infertility- is also a challenge faced during early adulthood by many. Men face infertility majorly due to low sperm production, among other reasons, and women face infertility majorly due to pelvic inflammatory diseases or failure to ovulate, among other reasons.

Cognitive Development in Early Adulthood 

  • Post formal thought – the ability to think abstractly, i.e., forming opinions and ideas about things never experienced. The thinking is not influenced by other's opinions, and an individualistic approach is used.
  • Dialectical thought – thinking becomes more flexible along with abstract and balanced during this time. In early adulthood, the ability to think in dichotomies advances, and one can now infer that there are many aspects to an idea – both good and bad or right and wrong instead of an idea being completely right or wrong.

Simplified Way of Understanding a Developmental Tasks of Early Adulthood Case Study

It is important to know about the developmental tasks of early adulthood in order to be cognigant of a case study. Havighurst (1972) explained the developmental tasks of early adulthood; our experts have briefly listed them for your reference-


  • Achieving autonomy – trying to emerge as an independent individual.
  • Establishing identity- to have firm likes, dislikes, philosophy and preferences.
  • Developing emotional stability – achieving maturing by having emotional stability
  • Establishing a career – selecting and pursuing a career path or education.
  • Finding intimacy – establishing long-terms relationships
  • Becoming a part of the community – young adults actively start taking part in civic organisations.
  • Learning house management- young adults learn how to maintain residence and how to look after it on a budget.
  • Embracing Parenthood – young adulthood learns marital adjustments and raising children.

Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood Psychosocial Development in Early Adulthood

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psychosocial development in early adulthood detail psychosocial development in early adulthoodessay

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