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Working on Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health assignment is one of the challenging tasks for students. Knowing the process to follow for writing an assignment is never easy. It takes lots of effort of students to come up with a good piece of assignment. Still, sometimes it becomes so difficult that the students are left with no option but to take Psychosocial Issues and Social Factors assessment answer help from the experts to complete their tasks well on time. We at Sample Assignments will drag you out of this situation. We are well aware of the constraints of the students, so we extend our help to students in need to complete their assignments on time. We have a team of professional experts who will work on your assignments to get HD grades in your assignments.

psychosocial factors of workplace mental health assignment

Many universities in Australia are providing the certification on Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Course. Greater job attachment, job involvement, desire to remain within the organization, job performance, job commitment, job satisfaction shows that an employee feels psychologically supported. If all these are not there, employees show attributes like increased absenteeism, turnover, withdrawal behaviours, increased costs, conflict, strain (leading to fatigue, headaches, burnout, and anxiety), and greater risk of injuries, accidents, and incidents, and loss of productivity. Organizational trust at the workplace plays an important role in the productive social process and positivity.

Universities We Cover Under our Assignment Help

Our writers are skilled in coping with the Psychosocial Issues and Social Factors assessment answer, covered by different Universities in Australia.

The list includes the following Universities-

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Melbourne
  • Deakin University
  • Australian College of Community Services and Care
  • University of Western Australia
  • Curtin University
  • Murdoch University
  • Canberra University of Technology
  • International College of Management, Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • Bond University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of Newcastle
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Australian Catholic University

And many more. So without wasting a second, log in to our website to upload all the details related to your assignment and get the best Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health assessment answer.

What you will Learn after Completing this Course

After completing this course students will able to-

  • Understand the interrelationship between psychological, social and medical health.
  • Expand the comprehensive mental health assessment skills. Investigate diagnostic formulations and classifications used in psychology.
  • Comprehend the principles of trauma-informed care.
  • Apply evidence-based practice in mental illness prevention and mental health promotion.
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Use ethical structure in critical decision-making.

Career Prospects after Pursuing Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Course-

The work in Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health may be undertaken through employment in the government sector, mental health sector agencies, community level, and the worker will be responsible for policy and guidelines implementation of the employing organization.
It is largely driven by self-direction with autonomous decision-making capacity, which does not come under the direct supervision of a manager.
Following are the designations you will work on after completing the course-

  • Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker
  • Assistant Community Services Worker
  • Outreach Officer
  • Rehabilitation Worker
  • Mental Health Outreach Worker

Topics Covered Under Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health Course

These are the topics included to give a practical approach to this course-

  • Work with diverse people
  • Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
  • Participate in work health and safety
  • Provide recovery-oriented mental health services
  • Provide services to people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues
  • Work legally and ethically
  • Participate in work health and safety
  • Establish self-directed recovery relationships
  • Work collaboratively with the care network and other services
  • Work effectively in trauma-informed care
  • Assess and promote social, emotional, and physical wellbeing
  • Promote and facilitate self-advocacy
psychosocial factors of workplace mental health 13 factors

Check the Samples to Know How our Experts Work on your Assignments

Here we are attaching the online Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health sample solved by our professional experts. You can check how they start and solve the assignment step by step. psychosocial factors of workplace mental health assignment sample
In this question, students were asked to write about Group and discuss Bion’s experiences in groups.

Assignment Sample Solution-

Group Bion- Bion Suggests that a group operates simultaneously in two different ways based on distinguished mental states, and he called them “workgroup mentality” and “basic assumption mentality”.

In his theory of thinking, he proposed a series. According to him, the thinking process is a successful result of two basic developments: the development of thoughts supported by the development of apparatus.

psychosocial factors of workplace mental health assignment sample solutions

Referencing Styles Used in Solution File of Psychosocial Factors of Workplace Mental Health

The four major referencing styles that are used most widely are- APA (American Psychological Association) system, MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) system, MLA (Modern Languages Association) system, and the Harvard system. Students should first confirm what referencing style is asked in their university assignments. For this, they should read the guidelines provided in the assignment. You can refer to library books to find the details about the referencing style asked in your university assignment or you can take help from our assignment writing service in Australia. Let’s see the referencing styles in more detail-

    1. APA(American Psychological Association) system

      This referencing style is mainly used in social science, engineering, education, etc.

      APA mainly focuses on the date of publication to track the paper’s relevancy. This is written in the following order- the surname of the author, publication date, and the published article page or page numbers you are referring to. In the reference list, the date is mentioned immediately after the name of the author.

      Example:Ramon, S. & Griffiths, A. (1998).The real McCoy.Design World, 11(3), 5-13

      A bibliography contains the compilation of the author’s surname alphabetically. Each reference should consist of the following- the author’s surname, first initials of their first or second name, in brackets put the date of publications, book’s title, the place where it was published, and the publisher.

    2. MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) system

      MHRA does not use references in brackets in the body of an essay. In this, subscript numbers link to the sequence of notes that either appears on the page's footer or in a section at the end of the essay.

      Example:Cook, Joseph R., and others,Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 13 vols (New York: Scribner, 1982–89), vi (1985)

    3. MLA (Modern Languages Association) system

      These are written in brackets; hence these are bracketed references in the essay body and are linked to full-length citations in the bibliography section of the essay at the end. Only the author’s surname and the page numbers we are referring to in the article should be mentioned under the bracket in the essay body. This follows the following format-

      Last Name, First Name. The Title of Book. Edition referred. Place where it got published: Publisher, Year of publication. Medium of publication.

      Example:Aprilson, Darrin E., and Andy Knope.Resting Heartbeat Science.12th ed. Mississippi: Spaghetti, 2001. Print.

    4. Harvard system

      Under Harvard referencing system, we use bracketed references in the body of an essay under which the author’s surname and publication date is mentioned. The list of the works at the end of the paper is headed as “References”. And the list should be in alphabetical order concerning the author’s surname, which further follows APA style.

      Example:Goldacre, B. & Henderson, J. (2017) A tale of two citations.Nature. 455 (7155), 397–399.

psychosocial factors of workplace mental health assignment psychosocial factors of workplace mental health assignment

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