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During the European Renaissance, the concept of international law was founded. The history of which could be seen through the cooperative agreements between the communities in the Middle East. For instance, a contract between the rulers of Umma and Lagash around 2100 BCE and an agreement between Hattusilis III and pharaoh Ramses II, somewhere around 1258 BCE. However, several Middle Eastern empires subsequently negotiated several pacts.
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public international law academic assistance through online tutoring

What Are The Major Topics Involved In Our Public International Law Assignment Writing Help?

Our writers have written on several topics concerning Public international law. So they are well versed with the writing technique of law assessment answers and can assist you in achieving HD grades.

Public International Law Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring
  • The law of the sea: It comprises treaties, global agreements by which the government takes control of the productivity, order, and peaceful relations on the sea.
  • The use of force and the law of self-defence: It refers to the inherent right of a state to use power in reaction to an armed attack.
  • State responsibility: A student will learn about the state's role and how it is associated with violations of international law.
  • Peaceful settlement of international disputes: With our academic assistance through online tutoring in business law, a student will develop his understanding of the methodologies used for peaceful settlement of international disputes: mediation, inquiry, and many more.
  • Acquisition of territory: It focuses on the possession of territory through force and a winning state in a war at the expense of a losing state.
  • Sources of international law: There are several sources such as international customs, treaties and many more.
  • International and domestic law: In international law, it seems to lack enforceability because we are deviating from looking at it through the lens of the domestic law paradigm. Domestic law comprises a centralized system.
  • Treaties: A student will explore the agreement between sovereign states (countries) and international institutions with our online public international law academic assistance through online tutoring in Australia.
  • Nature of international law: It concentrates on how nations interact with each other.
  • States and other international legal actors: Certain non-state actors, such as international institutions, are also looked upon as legal persons in international law.

Also, our public international law academic assistance through online tutoring covers other topics such as international human rights law and many more.

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  • Foreign correspondent
  • United Nations officer
  • International lawyer
  • Consultant
  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • Attaché
Public International Law Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

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