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Must-Know About Quantitative Approach

Quantitative methods are those techniques that researchers use to analyze a process and to determine variables for quantitative analysis. It focuses on objective measurements and numerical interpretation of the collected data through different methods such as polls, questionnaires, or assessments. Quantitative research aims to establish the fusion between experimental study and scientific language of quantitative relationships.

A descriptive analysis creates relations between variables while an experiment study focuses only on the outcome of the casualties. This approach is mostly used for econometrics assignment help. The quantitative management theory concentrated on the implementation of Mathematical and Statistical models and processes to management situations. Specifically, management science deals with the development of mathematical models to assist indecision-making and problem-solving.

Types of Quantitative Methods

There are four main types of quantitative research methods:

  • Experimental Research: An experimental study is a quantitative approach most rooted in both the physical and sociological fields. This technique uses the physical sciences study principles to guide exams that analyze human behaviour. Researchers decide whether their studies should be performed in lab environments or a real-world environment.

It typically involves a control group where the variables are not modified. It also includes another category where variables are modified. It will help you see different responses to different parameters and youll be closely tracking them.

  • Survey Research: Survey Research is used for queries interviews on specific topics. After research has gathered overview information you can evaluate participants behaviour. Typically, the participant response is represented in a statistical frame using charts, diagrams, and outlines. It is also important to note that while answering survey questions, there is a probability that individuals will not admit the truth.
  • Content Analysis: Content analysis tests for the correlation between the two variables. Researchers use content analysis to examine the number of events at their main investigation point. Communication researchers routinely perform content analyses of movies, commercials, TV shows, magazines, and so on.
  • Meta-Analysis: Meta-analysis is a study that aims to connect the implications of a series of previous exams and test if their outcomes are comparable or to determine if they give us some new evidence when a glimpse is taken in its totality. A Meta-Analysis reviewed previous studies on accounts and their conviction in medicinal services settings.

Quantitative Methods Assignment Topics Addressed By Our Experts

We have delivered numerous orders on quantitative methods assignments to students of different educational levels, and the topics of different complexity levels. Among such topics include:

Data Analysis

  • Sampling methods (cluster, stratified, random, and more)
  • Histograms: Graphical representation of data with different heights and bars
  • Normality tests: A statistical approach used to assess if a particular set of data fits in with given normal data distribution.
  • Box Plot: A general overview of given statistical measures such as median, peak and lowest data, and so on.

Central Tendency Factors

  • Mean, median, and mode: The most widely usedmeasurement measures fora central tendency. Mean is the average value of the gen data sets, the median is the value in the middle, and mode is the value or integer that always happens in a given set of data.
  • Standard deviation: Measurement of how values are expressed or distributed
  • Normal distribution: A statistical function that describes how different values of a given variable are shared.

Other topics on which we have given outstanding quantitative homework methods include:


  • Stepwise regression
  • Sample regression
  • Polynomial regression
  • Multiple regression

Hypothesis testing

  • Chi-Square Test
  • Unequal variances
  • Pooled variances


  • Randomness
  • Inverse probability
  • Not mutually exclusive events
  • Mutual exclusive events
  • Independent events

Linear Programming

  • Integer programming
  • Non-linear programming
  • Simplex analysis
  • Linear optimization
  • Sensitive analysis

Variance Analysis (ANOVA)

  • Randomized block ANOVA
  • One way ANOVA
  • Two way ANOVA
quantitative method assignment help quantitative method assignment help

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