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Quantitative Techniques Assignment Help

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Understanding Quantitative Techniques with Quantitative Techniques Assignment Helper

The methods that decide with the help of numerical data, statistics, objective measurements that can be collected from polls, questionnaires, census, surveys, etc. are known as quantitative techniques.

In quantitative techniques, the factors that affect the decision are identified and then quantified. This makes the decision-making process a little easier. Even the most complex decisions can be taken with the help of quantitative techniques.

The main focus of quantitative techniques is to gather numerical data and analyze it to explain a particular phenomenon.

There are different types of techniques for quantitative techniques. These techniques are descriptive research, correlational research, casual-comparative or quasi-experimental research, and experimental research.

Types Of Quantitative Techniques Listed By Quantitative Techniques Assignment Experts

  1. Descriptive research- The technique used to describe the characteristics of a population is known as descriptive research. It mainly addresses the question of what rather than how, when, and why.
  2. Correlational research- When the researcher measures two variables to understand the statistical relationship between them it is known as correlational research. It is non-experimental research and there is no influence of other variables on the two chosen variables.
  3. Casual-comparative or quasi-experimental research- When there is a cause-effect relationship between the variables, it is known as casual-comparative or quasi-experimental research. There is no manipulation by the researcher on the identified independent variable. The researchers measure the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable.
  4. Experimental research- When two or more independent variables are manipulated and applied to one or more dependent variables to measure the effect on independent variables or dependent variables it is known as experimental research. It is a scientific approach to research.
quantitative techniques assignment help

Characteristics Of Quantitative Techniques Explained By Quantitative Techniques Assignment Writer

  1. Large sample size- While collecting data for quantitative research, large populations are chosen. Many people are a part of the survey.
  2. Structural research method- It is a well-organized and structured method. Quantitative techniques use a proper method to come to analyses.
  3. Highly reliable outcome- The outcomes from the quantitative techniques are highly reliable. Since a large population is part of the survey and it is done systematically, the results are trustworthy and true. They are not biased.
  4. Reuseable outcome- The results or the outcomes can be used many times. The outcomes are stored for further, similar kinds of researches.
  5. Close-ended questions- The questions in quantitative research are close-ended. The interviews do not need to think about the answer. He can simply select the best option. This also makes the work of the researchers easy.
  6. Numerical outcome- The outcome is in numerical form. It can be easily analyzed, without thinking much about the qualitative aspects.
  7. Prior study- There is a study done before the data is collected. All the aspects of the research are studied carefully.
  8. Generalization of the outcome- The outcomes are generally generalized. They are for all the people in the same category.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Reporting The Results Of Quantitative Research

  1. Explain the collected data precisely.
  2. Explain the techniques you used in the research carefully.
  3. Mention and explain the assumptions you used while collecting the data.
  4. Tell the unanticipated events that occurred during your research.
  5. Use tables and graphs to explain your result. Also, guide the audience about what he should see in these tables and graphs.
Quantitative Techniques Assignment Help Quantitative Techniques Assignment Help

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