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Research Methods In Psychology Covered Under Assignments

There are several methods, approaches, and measurements that are applied in psychology. Psychologists use various tools and techniques for research methods. All these methods and researches can be both simple and complicated. Being a Psychology student, you need to understand the fundamental procedures, that are needed to carry out Psychology researches. These psychology researches range from infant development to social behavior. To carry out these researches, psychologists use many scientific methods.

Scientific Research Method In Psychology

All the psychological researches are conducted based on a scientific approach. A basic method includes asking questions, data collection, study design, result analysis, targeting the findings and conclusion. Whereas, the scientific approach primarily focuses on theories, observations, predictions, data, and result interpretations. Behavior measurement is also done on this basis.

After conducting many types of research, psychologists derive the conclusion in the form of theories. A theory is known as the explanation of the information that is organised in a separate piece. Before concluding the research, one must be 100% sure that the research was correct and precise, etc. The scientific research method process goes like Hypotheses, Observations, Refines theories, and Theory development.

Experiment Research Method In Psychology

Under this method, if research, psychologists manipulate controls, variables, and measure the change in other variables. This approach includes independent manipulation of variables under a few controlled conditions or circumstances, such as experiments conducted in the laboratory are performed under precise conditions.

It is done to get a crux of the research. It is one of the most common methods that is used in all fields of science. Lab experiment is a famous approach to experiments research method. In lab experiments, psychologists make desirable controls over the variables. There are a few limitations to this method. One prime limitation of the method is that the experiment conducted in the lab is not always similar to the real world.

Correlation Research Method In Psychology

In layman language, correlation means association. It elaborates how two variables can show the extent of relation with one another. There are several kinds of these variable correlations. Positive correlation shows if a rise in one variable tends to be connected with the other one. For instance, the height and weight of a human. A taller person is likely to be heavier than a smaller person. If an increase of a variable is to decrease in another variable, then this is called a negative correlation.

For instance, when we climb up the mountain, we experience cold. Because when the height increases the temperature falls.

When both variables do not show any response of relationship with each other, then it is called zero correlation.

For instance, there is no relation between the number of lipsticks and beautiful handwriting.

research methods in psychology assignment help research methods in psychology assignment help

Other research methodologies are case studies, lab experiments, interviews (structured and unstructured), field experiments, content analysis, questionnaire, pilot study, etc.

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