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Sales Management Assignment Help

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Understand Sales Management With Sales Management Assignment Writer

  • A discipline in sales management that focuses entirely on the sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations is known as sales management.
  • Sales management includes planning, directing, and controlling the selling processes in the organizations. It also includes recruiting, selecting, assigning, routing, supervising, paying, and motivating the sales force.
  • The person who heads the sales management is known as a sales manager. Sales managers play a vital role in controlling the sales force and making important decisions related to sales of the organization.
  • Earlier sales management meant only managing sales processes, but now it has taken a broader significance and also looks after the management of personal selling.

Objectives of Sales Management listed by Sales Management Assignment Helper

  1. Achieving the sales volume- This is one of the main objectives of sales management. As soon as the production of the product starts, the market is supposed to be a virgin market. The word volume means the total quantity of the product that is to be sold. The organizations decide some target of the sales volume that will cover their cost of production and increase the profits. The sales managers and their team help the organization to achieve this target of sales volume.
  2. Contribution to profit- The turnover of the company is brought by the sales of the product. The increased turnover brings high profits. The purpose of any organization is to earn profits. The sales managers sell the product at an optimum price to yield a good amount of profit. The decrease in the product price will decrease profit. This is the responsibility of the sales managers to make sure that the price of the product does not drop. Sales management is also categorized in many organizations as a profit function.
  3. Continuous growth- For any organization, it is important to grow. A company can not stagnate. This will decrease their profits and the organizational objectives won't be met. The survival of the company is important because there are employees who need to be paid, shareholders who need to be answered and costs have been incurred. Sales management helps in the continuous growth of the firm. The sales managers and sales executives have to make sure that the product reaches the markets and there is a sale of products in large numbers. this way the organization will grow continuously.
  4. Sales management and financial results- The financial results of the company and directly related to the sales of the company. A minor change in sales affects the final financial results of the company. The profit of any organization is calculated by the following method.

Sales the cost of sales = gross profit

Gross margin expenses = net profit

You see how sales directly affect the profits of the organization. It is the responsibility of the sales management team to make sure that the sales of the company are not affected and targets are met.

  1. Converting prospects to customers- Many people are willing to buy the product. It is the responsibility of the sales management team to make sure that prospective buyers that are anticipated by the sales force, buy the product.
  2. Motivate the sales force- It is not a direct objective of the sales management, but an important objective of the sales manager. When a sales manager motivates his team or sales force, the results come better. A motivated person always works more than his potential and gives the best results to the organization.
Student Sales Management assignments help Student Sales Management Assignment Help

Some General Functions Of The Sales Management

  1. Prepare the sales plan,
  2. Selecting the right salesforce,
  3. Defining sale territories,
  4. Pricing policy and price-fixing,
  5. Marketing research, etc.
sales management assignment helper

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