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What Is School Law?

The School Law is an active and conscious entity that our society requires for the formation of legal professionals capable to follow an ethical and moral commitment as the professional practice in front of their fellow citizens. By putting into practice their knowledge acquired through the performance of the public and private functions of their own or linked to the legal work demanded by society. It has assumed that commitment, contributing efforts to overcome the crisis that affects the justice and legal institutions of the Dominican State, raising the popular legal culture and thus regain the confidence that this professional class had lost.

Goals Of School Law

The objective of the School Law is to prepare the Law student with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow him to perform the functions inherent to his profession to contribute to the development and improvement of the population.

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Students, upon completion of the Study Plan, will be able to:

  • Analyze the Dominican legal system and apply the legal rules to a specific event.
  • Apply the theoretical-practical knowledge that guarantees performance and effectiveness in their professional practice.
  • Show the ability to articulate the legal discourse, litigate, and prepare the defenses of the various cases.

Methodology Of School Law

The research was framed in an analytical, critical, descriptive, and comparative approach; analytical-critical to address the comparative analysis of national and international research in the field of law teaching and will be supported by a descriptive study of particular cases on the training and qualification of law teachers.

  • The existence of a pedagogical model for the teaching of Law.
  • Applicability of participatory pedagogical strategies as a tool in the teaching of Law.
  • Profile of the teacher that is required for the teaching of Law.
  • Usefulness of pedagogy programs and the impact on the academic work of law teachers.
  • Interest of the institutions for the teaching preparation of their professors.

Taking into account the trends of globalization and the flexibilization processes that permeate aspects such as economics and science, it can be said that education, in general, has also been influenced by these changes. For this reason in recent years, in the field of higher education of Law School, in the country processes that advocate quality improvement are being carried out, under the direction of national governmental policies, generating mechanisms that allow the evaluation of academic-administrative aspects in said context, through compliance with the minimum quality conditions.

The adoption of academic credits as a measure to facilitate the homologation and mobility of students, aspects that are already regulated and on whose compliance the stability and continuity of the programs depend. But on the subject, it can be said that the credits are being given according to the importance given by the teacher or the head of the area to their subject or the respective area, without analysis of feasibility, procedure and skills.

Higher Law School education should be self-assessed and co-assessed to examine the extent to which it is fulfilling its tasks with the highest possible quality. But it is essential that the instruments used for this evaluation correspond to their nature and their essential complexity and do not establish mistaken and dangerous identities between the academic work processes carried out in the university and the industrial process of production of merchandise. The careful characterization of the tasks of higher education should make it possible to point out the legitimacy of the assessment instruments and make their specificity explicit.

Student School Law Assignment Help Student School Law assignment help

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