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Integrated watershed management takes into account how land, water, and ecosystem concerns affect the amount and quality of water in our river catchments, as well as how our catchments may be managed to achieve the best social, cultural, economical, and human health results. Students will study and engage with natural processes in this unit, as well as assess holistic methods for sustainable water management in order to create landscapes that support natural systems and maintain watershed sustainability in the long run.

Students will use scientific methods to measure and analyse watershed change and impacts, as well as engineering concepts to propose interventions and methodologies for managing hydrological flow channels across the catchment. Engineers must completely engage all stakeholders to commit to actively modifying and perturbing catchment systems, hence evidence-based and scientific techniques are highly appreciated in the area. Students will gain knowledge and skills to support environmental management for the common good.

SEV401 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

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  • Applying engineering concepts to construct a model for a small catchment, analyse and categorise land uses in urban, rural, and agricultural catchments, as well as quantify water pollution.
  • To explore solutions for improving environmental and social outcomes in a given watershed, use a model to gain a comprehensive grasp of ecology, risk management, and water concepts.
  • Communities should be involved in the planning and management of local landscapes by striking a balance between resource use and conservation.
  • Create a professional portfolio to recommend ideas for increasing collaboration at all levels on public and private land by developing a holistic perspective.
SEV401 Assessment Answers

Some Study Materials for Completing the Course

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  • Kirchner, James W. "Catchments as simple dynamical systems: Catchment characterization, rainfall‐runoff modelling, and doing hydrology backward." Water Resources Research 45, no. 2 (2009).
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  • Lye, Dennis J. "Health risks associated with consumption of untreated water from household roof catchment systems 1." JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38, no. 5 (2002): 1301-1306.
  • Bidwell, V. J. "Regression analysis of nonlinear catchment systems." Water Resources Research 7, no. 5 (1971): 1118-1126.

Why are Catchments Important?

Drinking water is provided by catchments to people, livestock, flora and animals. They supply water for home and industrial purposes, including irrigation, as well as recreation and tourism. Important cultural locations may also be included. Catchments provide food, shelter, and breeding grounds for wildlife. Environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally, catchments are critical.

Any deterioration in a catchment's quality is likely to be mirrored in nearby streams and lakes, as well as groundwater. Chemical pollution, soil erosion due to land clearing, and excessive water consumption, for example, can all lead to a reduction in the health of local streams and lakes.

SEV401 assessment answers

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The area (drainage basin) that catches rainwater that will drain into a watercourse is referred to as a catchment (river system). A river and its tributaries drain a drainage basin, which is a large region. On a watershed-wide scale, catchment management involves balancing the use and protection of natural resources.

Without extra treatment, rainwater may not be suitable for use in the home. Consider if rainwater has to be treated before it may be used for drinking, bathing, or cooking. Water may be tested to see if it contains hazardous microorganisms, chemicals, or poisons.

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