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Till now, Singapore airlines has already organized and managed its human resource programs to achieve competitive benefits that are sustainable and how performed several other airlines in their groups for many years. This case elaborates the HR role in Singapore airlines was aware of several types of conflicting apparent objectives related to cost-effectiveness as well as service excellence through the recruitment approach, training, retention, selection, and motivation of all the employees.

For several years Singapore airlines have already earned a huge reputation in their fiercely commercial aviation with all the high-quality service that is provided by all the customers as well as dominating all the segments related to business travelers. Till now, Singapore Airlines has been the most renowned in the globe for several years. For instance, SIA won 24 times out of 25 times the world's biggest airline award, and it was nominated by the UK travel magazine. It was also in the skytruck airline magazine of 2004, 26 times in the past. All the awards are dependent on customer feedback. They always try to maintain consistency, and also the entire aversion management standards, as well as their service to the higher threshold, are done by all of their employees to meet the expectation of all the customers.

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Singapore Airlines: Managing Human Resources for Cost Effective Service Excellence Case Study

Stringent Recruitment and Selection Process -

There are so many aspects related to SIA. And it adopts a very strict and rigorous selection process. Whether it is their recruitment or stringent selection, they are always very strict about it. The senior manager always tries to emphasize that all the cabin crews, which can easily mix up with all the passengers, will be friendly, humble and cheerful. The cabin crew applicants have to meet several criteria like looking at their age, physical attributes, academic qualification, and the initial screening process.

Singapore Airlines Managing Human Resources for Cost Effective Service Excellence Case Study

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Singapore Airlines: Managing Human Resources for Cost Effective Service Excellence Case Study

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Singapore Airlines Managing Human Resources for Cost Effective Service Excellence Case Study1

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Here the students in SIA can search for apparent objectives that are conflicting related to cost-effectiveness and service excellence through their training, selection, retention, and motivation process.

For more than 24 years, they have always achieved success compared to other aviation industries that you can only dream about. They are famous for their sustainability, cost-effectiveness and superior performance. All the underpinnings of the idea for competitive success have been crucial for all organisations, and that's why it is a great paper to select.

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