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SITXCOM004 - Address protocol requirements course outlines the performance objectives, abilities, and knowledge needed to find and access protocol needs in order to meet any sales or operational demand. It necessitates the capacity to locate relevant information, access and comprehends specific protocol requirements, and coordinate protocol implementation.

The unit is applicable to a wide range of tourism, travel, hospitality, and event-related industries, with a focus on events, function coordination, tour operations, and tour guiding. The protocol impacts a wide range of commercial and government activities. Hence the breadth and depth of protocol knowledge needed will differ.

This course does not need an in-depth understanding of protocol requirements but rather the ability to gather and evaluate protocol data. This unit relates to tour and event organizers and managers, tour guides, and front of house or duty managers who operate autonomously or with little supervision. At the time of writing, there are no occupational licensure, certification, or particular legislation requirements that relate to this unit.

SITXCOM004 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Our SITXCOM004 assignment help experts say that the course will help you to understand the significance of addressing protocols in various sectors. To give you a gist of it, we have added here some learning outcomes of this course; take a look into it -

  • Determine whether or not a procedure should be followed in the specific scenario.
  • Determine which sources of protocol information are useful.
  • Consult with customers to find the best protocol.
  • To inform work practice, interpret appropriate protocol information.
  • Determine which labor tasks necessitate adherence to a given protocol.
  • Provide staff and vendors with protocol briefings.
  • Ensure that the proper process is followed when delivering a product or service.
  • Identify and take advantage of chances to refresh your protocol knowledge.
  • As needed, share updated knowledge with customers and coworkers.
SITXCOM004 Assessment Answers

Performance Evidence

For at least two of the following, obtain reliable information on procedure requirements:

  • arranging a conference, reception, or tour arranging to lodge producing marketing materials displaying accurate titles of dignitaries
  • fulfilling the needs of dignitaries and officials meeting the requirements of performers and masters of ceremonies
  • For each of the above, include protocol requirements into spoken and written content, and update and integrate protocol knowledge when organising each of the above.

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Qualifications that Include this Unit

  • SIT30316- Certificate III in Guiding
  • SIT30116- Certificate III in Tourism
  • SIT50116- Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management
  • SIT60316- Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • SIT30416- Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts
  • SIT50316- Diploma of Event Management
  • SIT40416- Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • AHC32516- Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work
  • SIT30516- Certificate III in Events
  • SIT30616- Certificate III in Hospitality
  • SIT50216- Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management
  • SIT40216- Certificate IV in Guiding
  • SIT40116- Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
  • SIT60216- Advanced Diploma of Event Management

Things to Avoid while Drafting an Assignment

Whenever you start writing any assignment or project, what is the first thing that clicks your mind? Personally, I always think to make the assignment error-free and profound. I assume you also feel the same. So, our SITXCOM004 academic assistance has come up with some points that you need to avoid while drafting your assignment. Follow these points to make your assignment the best.

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SITXCOM004 assessment answers

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