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This module outlines the performance goals, abilities, and knowledge needed to address difficult or escalated complaints and conflicts with internal and external customers and co-workers. It necessitates the ability to handle conflict and find out solutions via the help of adequate conflict resolution approaches and communication skills. Formal negotiation, counselling, or mediation are not covered.

The unit applies to all tourism, travel, hospitality, and event industries. It is mostly for senior operational staff, supervisors, and managers who operate autonomously and settle issues using discretion and judgment. At the time of writing, there are no occupational licensure, certification, or particular legislation requirements that relate to this unit.

sitxcom005 manage conflict assignment help

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What are the Learning Outcomes of the SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Course?

The unit is mostly for senior operational personnel, supervisors, and managers who operate with some autonomy and settle issues using discretion and judgment. Our SITXCOM005 Manage conflict academic assistance suggests a lot to gain and understand. Now without wasting a single second, check out the learning outcomes added here by our expert team members -

  • Determine the likelihood of a disagreement and take prompt and diplomatic measures to prevent it from escalating.
  • Identify circumstances when a customer's or colleague's safety may be jeopardised and arrange for necessary support.
  • Find and use resources to help you manage conflict.
  • Establish and agree with all parties on the nature and details of the disagreement, and analyse the impact.
  • Manage conflict within the confines of one's job and obligation and according to company policies.
  • Accept responsibility for finding a solution to a disagreement within the framework of your own job and obligations, and seek help when necessary.
  • Determine the impact of the dispute on the company's reputation and legal liabilities.
  • Evaluate conflict resolution solutions while keeping in mind organisational policies and limits.
  • To get and offer input on the disagreement and its resolution, communicate with all parties involved.
  • Evaluate and reflect on the dispute and the solution's efficacy.
  • Determine the reasons for workplace conflict and offer suggestions for workplace enhancements.

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sitxcom005 manage conflict assignment help

What is the Importance of Conflict Management?

We all have our own interests, personalities, mental processes, and emotions; conflict can happen anywhere and at any time. Of course, rather than allowing the disagreement to continue, it is prudent to investigate the issue, analyse it, and find a solution.

Conflict resolution training aims to educate skills including managing conflict, self-awareness of different types of conflict, and effective communication while in disagreement with a team member. These abilities aid teams in achieving a positive outcome from conflict and, as a result, reduce total conflict.

Certain tactics may be used with conflict management to remove and resolve bad parts of the conflict, boost positive conflict variables, and improve performance within the organisation.

Source - Conflict, C. I. O. (1976). Conflict Management. MD Dunnette Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 889-935.

sitxcom005 manage conflict assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), there are five basic types of conflict management, which human resource (HR) experts use all over the world: collaborating, competing, avoiding, accommodating, and compromising.

Describe the procedures followed to resolve any conflicts that are discovered. This can include things like: refusing to participate in certain debates (e.g., competitive research bids if involved in two competing bids from UCL and another university where you have an interest).

Yes, we provide multiple revisions of your work. If you need any changes or are not satisfied, our academic experts will rework with you as per your requirements.

We share your assignments through the mail and our special student portal or via email, from where you can simply download it.

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