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#1 Help with SLE254 Genetics and Genomics Assessment Answers

Genetics and genomics play a vital role in health and disease. Genetics refers to the science of variation and biological inheritance. The fundamental principles are adopted by molecular genetics, genomics, cytogenetics, 'Mendelian' genetics, population genetics, epigenetics, and quantitative genetics.

On the other hand, genomics is a new discipline developed by geneticists and genome scientists for generating large data sets through high-throughput RNA, DNA, and protein techniques, and the requirement for determining the control of biological roles via informatics analysis of huge data sets produced.

sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answers

Students pursuing the genetics and genomics course have to submit heaps of assessments with strict deadlines to complete the course. These assessments require DNA analysis and knowledge of various methodologies for its expression. Students must also hold a strong grip on conceptual understanding, including universal principles, issues, and potentials associated with DNA-based life.

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sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answer

Top Australian Universities Offering Genetics and Genomics Course

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • Curtin University
  • La Trobe University
  • University of New South Wales Sydney
  • University of New England
  • University of New Castle
  • University of Queensland
  • Deakin University
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia

The aforementioned Australian universities are renowned for their quality of teaching and research, and they offer bachelor, master and doctoral programs in genetics and genomics. Thus, they supply the foundation and advanced studies in the respective field.

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Course Curriculum

Most Australian universities’ course structure for undergraduate studies in genetics and genomics has been divided into three levels. The subjects covered in each group are mentioned below:

Level 1

  • Molecular Biology of the cell
  • Statistics for Science
  • Science, Society and Data Analysis
  • Cellular Biochemistry
  • Chemistry – Properties and Energetics
  • Human Biology
  • Frontiers in Biology

Level 2

  • Molecular Genetics I
  • Principles of Inheritance

Level 3

  • Molecular Genetics II
  • Genomics
  • Evolution and Development
  • Evolutionary Process
  • Medical Genetics

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Learning Outcome of Course

On successful completion of the course, students can:

  1. Carry out analysis of the chromosomes and genes transmission within pedigrees over generation and between cells during the division of cells.
  2. Depict in-depth knowledge about translation for producing proteins, transcribing into RNA, epigenetically modifying and mutating information encoded in DNA. This DNA information is used to orchestrate the cellular activities individually or collectively throughout the development in the case of multicellular organisms.
  3. Predict the influence of mutation forces, natural selection, and genetic recombination over genetic variation in populations at levels of DNA and phenotype using quantitative models.
  4. Formulate research questions regarding the control of biological processes genetically and design experimentation to answer the queries using adequate genetic tools.
  5. Portray interpersonal, teamwork, and problem-solving skills for addressing ethical, societal, and scientific problems about genetics or genomics and communicate the findings via written, oral or multi-media reports and other assigned tasks.

Job Opportunities

sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answers online

The completion of the related course in genetics and genomics could lead to the following career opportunities:

  • Geneticist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Laboratory Manager
  • University Lecturer

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Discussion Forums

Several discussion forums like Anthrogenica, Reddit-Genetics, genes and genome, Youth4work-Genetics, Science Forums-Genetics, etc., are well-moderated and premier online destinations to get in touch with researchers, geneticists, or scientists worldwide. The community is highly knowledgeable and active and usually discuss topics like DNA replication, mechanism of gene expression, Mendelian genetics, and other related topics. They also provide access to numerous events and services for the understanding, development, and practice, especially for subscribers worldwide.

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Peer-Reviewed Research Review About Genome-Wide Association

Genome-wide association studies are a new method for scientists to determine the genes responsible for human disease. This particular method identifies the genome for a minute or small variations, known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) which tend to appear with more frequency in people possessing a specific disease compared to people without having any disease (Tam et al., 2019). Each of these studies identifies hundreds and thousands of SNPs at one time. Researchers or scientists employ data from such studies to pinpoint those genes contributing to an individual’s risk of developing a particular disease (Lee et al., 2018).

The studies of genome-wide association scrutinise SNPs across the genome. Thus, they represent the most appropriate means to identify the complex and usual diseases wherein numerous genetic variations lead to an individual’s risk. The approach has already been investigated in several studies and found SNPs correlate with various complex conditions such as heart abnormalities, diabetes, Crohn disease, and Parkinson's Disease (Mills et al., 2019). According to our highly-proficient academic tutors, future research on genome-wide association will discover more SNPs linked with chronic diseases and variations that pose an impact on an individual’s response to specific drugs and interactions between an individual’s genes and environment.

Our Experts Discuss the Approach to Write SLE254 Genetics and Genomics Assessment Answer

Our highly qualified and experienced academicians have expertise in both genetics and genomics. They suggest the below-mentioned approach to draft a perfect Genetics and Genomics assignment solution:

  1. Check the type of assignment (essay, customer letter, financial report, case studies, literature review, etc.) and frame the solution accordingly.
  2. Note down the desired referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).
  3. Look for the required formatting style before commencing the assignment solution.
  4. Carefully note down the overview of the assignment and then prepare a draft after conducting in-depth research by considering authentic sources.
  5. Write the assignment solution by strictly following the marking rubrics provided by the university.
  6. Incorporate their knowledge of technology in solving issues.
  7. Collect, utilise and store data/information to support the decision-making process.
  8. Use high-performance math and computing techniques, i.e. bioinformatics, to analyse enormous DNA-sequence data to identify variations affecting health, disease and drug response.
  9. Provide a comprehensive and efficient description of the desired concepts.
  10. Include all necessary elements and methodologies desired in the assignment.
  11. After completing the assignment solution written in a perfect layout format with proper citation of references, read the file at least twice or thrice to rectify any error.

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sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answers sample online sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answers sle254 genetics and genomics assessment answers australia

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Lee, J. J., Wedow, R., Okbay, A., Kong, E., Maghzian, O., Zacher, M., ... & Cesarini, D. (2018). Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment in 1.1 million individuals.Nature genetics,50(8), 1112-1121.

Mills, M. C., & Rahal, C. (2019). A scientometric review of genome-wide association studies.Communications Biology,2(1), 1-11.

Tam, V., Patel, N., Turcotte, M., Bossé, Y., Paré, G., & Meyre, D. (2019). Benefits and limitations of genome-wide association studies.Nature Reviews Genetics,20(8), 467-484.

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