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The key subjects in social policy, or the decisions governments make to increase the welfare of the individual and the public, are introduced and advanced in this course. The concept of social policy might be limited to providing the most in need with financial aid and social services. However, we may define social policy more broadly to include the delivery of services such as housing, health, and schooling. Government justice can occasionally be "hidden" in other policies completely, as in the case of the Australian national minimum wage, the lifelong work policy championed in modern

The social policy specialization gives students knowledge of the important players involved in determining social policy, particularly the rising importance of "non-traditional" actors. Students in this specialization can explore a variety of topics focused on social legislation and policy through all the electives, including the scope of social policy; influences on social policy, such as psychographic and labor force market trends; how social policy interacts with other forms of state policy; and arguments about the funding of welfare programs, economic inequality, wellbeing and social equity in Australia and abroad.

SOC 103A assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of SOC 103A Developing Social Policy Course

After the course completions, students will become capable in:

  • Understanding the important vocabulary, concepts, and ideas in the study of social policy and social welfare.
  • Evaluating the key political players and institutions involved in the development of social policy.
  • Understanding the relationships between social policy and other governmental policies, such as economic policy.
  • Understanding how values and alternative strategies have a role in social policy.
  • Analyzing and evaluating various social policy intervention options.
  • Examining the social insurance state's origin and evolution in Australia and other nations.
  • Contrasting the social protection programs in place in Australia with those in other OECD countries and emerging nations.
  • Evaluating several social safety net models and their applicability to Australia and other nations.
  • Understanding the social policy concerns associated with assisting vulnerable groups such as the elderly, families, and the unemployed.
  • Understanding the diversity of social policy and the possible contributions of a variety of other methods and academic fields.
SOC 103A Assessment Answers

Topics Covered Under SOC 103A Developing Social Policy Course:

The experts have created a list of the important topics to be covered in this course. Have a look:

  • The boundaries of social policy
  • contrasting models of welfare and the welfare state.
  • at the intersection between economic and social policy.
  • international comparisons
  • Priorities for social policy in developed and developing countries
  • Ageing and fertility demographics
  • Poverty, inequality, and adequacy
  • welfare reform
  • Labor market assistance and the unemployed
  • Children and family policy
  • Work and family life
  • Sole parents and child support
  • pension and retirement assistance
  • Indigenous social policy
  • health and health insurance.
  • The future of social policy

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SOC 103A Assessment Answers

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A governmental or governmental agency's strategy or activity to better or change society is known as social policy.

Obviously, social science is a very good major encompassing a wide variety of career opportunities. In accordance with Bureau of Labor Statistics, number of careers in this umbrella tend to increase over 10 years.

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