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Students get the chance to upgrade their research abilities in the fields of sport, physical activity, and rehabilitation in this module. The course covers the use and evaluation of several research approaches.

Positionality, research writing, research questions, design, data collection, interpretation, analysis, reporting, ethics, and topics like sampling, conducting research, working in various social and cultural contexts, and applying research findings will be heavily emphasised in the course material. The articles that the presenters will discuss combine review-based research with empirical data collection.

In addition to giving students a solid foundation for their master's dissertation research, the module will give them a critical understanding of doing research in a real-world sport, physical activity, or rehabilitation context.

Additionally, students learn about the Sports Research Methods in which these elements function. Through guest speakers, industry excursions, and case studies, students will get the opportunity to interact with the corporate world while using cutting-edge enterprise business systems.

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SPO2018 assessment answers

Topic Covered in SPO2018 Sports Research Methods:

The following are the topics are covered in the SPO2018 course. You may always contact our experienced online experts wherever it is most convenient for you to obtain SPO2018 assessment answers.

  1. What Is Research?
  2. The Research Process
  3. Research Traditions
  4. Research Questions, Aims And Objectives
  5. Reviewing The Literature
  6. Theories, Concepts And Variables
  7. Research Designs For Sports Studies
  8. Collecting Data I: The Questionnaire Survey
  9. Collecting Data II: Research Interviews
  10. Collecting Data III: Unobtrusive Methods Observation And Content Analysis
  11. Collecting Data IV: Ethnographic Research In Sport
  12. Analysing Data, I: Quantitative Data Analysis
  13. Analysing Data II: Qualitative Data Analysis

Learning Outcomes of the SPO2018 Sport Research Methods

Students ought to be able to, by the conclusion of the module:

  • Increased positionality awareness concerning research objectives, design, and methodology
  • They critically assess the main research techniques used in their area of study.
  • Through critical examination, we determine the most appropriate data gathering and analysis techniques for various studies.
  • Critically assess the bigger concerns related to research (e.g., ethics, research governance)
  • They create studies utilising cutting-edge techniques to address current theoretical and practical issues in their field of study.
SPO2018 Assessment Answers

The SPO2018 Sports Research Methods Study Sources are as follows:

Some of the literature listed below can be used by students as references while discussing the material in this module. This list is neither meant to be all-inclusive nor is it meant to be required reading.

  • Armour, K. (2011).Research methods in physical education and youth sport. New York; London: Routledge
  • Berg, K., Latin, R. (2007). Essentials of research methods in health, physical education, exercise science. (3rd ed). Philadelphia. Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams Wilkins.
  • Bell, J. (2010). Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education - 5th ed. Maidenhead : Open University Press / McGraw Hill
  • Cohen, L. (2011) Research methods in education / Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion and Keith Morri - 7th ed. London : Routledge.
  • Creswell, J W. (2009) Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches 3rd ed. Los Angeles; London : SAGE
  • Denzin, N. K., Lincoln, Y. (2011).The Sage handbook of qualitative research (4thed). Thousand Oaks, CA. Sage.

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  4. Include all desired elements and approaches.
  5. Read the file at least twice after completing the assignment answer in an error-free layout with appropriate reference citations.
  6. Determine the task type (essay, customer letter, financial report, case study, literature review, etc.) and tailor your response accordingly.
  7. Make a note of the preferred referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).
  8. Before beginning the assignment solution, look for the required formatting style.
  9. Take careful notes on the assignment's summary, and then write a draught after performing in-depth research using current and genuine sources.
SPO2018 assessment answers

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A type of inquiry called qualitative research examines data gathered from observations made in unstructured environments. Qualitative research is also employed in order to delve more deeply into the issue and identify trends in attitudes and cognition. There are many different ways to acquire qualitative data using semi- or unstructured methodology.

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