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Within complex project team situations, the study examines current worldwide practice with respect to procurement strategies, including procurement techniques, price alternatives, tendering procedures, and standard forms of contract. Students will be challenged to investigate the companies that support strategic construction procurement decision-making in order to accomplish economic, environmental, social, and cultural sustainability goals.

SRQ780 assessment answers

Through diverse case studies, students will analyse essential issues such as relationship contracting, construction culture, ethical procurement, internationalisation, and supply chain management in unique construction procurement situations. Students will learn about the influence of procurement mechanisms on project delivery in the context of the global construction industry in this course.

What are the learning outcomes of the SRQ780 Strategic Construction Procurement Course?

Our SRQ780 academic assistance experts say that the course will help to get a general understanding of the course and its applications in various situations. Take a look at the learning outcomes added here to get a deeper understanding -

  • Understand and apply project procurement strategy theory and concepts to complicated projects.
  • Apply the concepts of tender assessment to projects in the built environment.
  • Using conventional contract formats, resolve difficult contractual challenges in built environment projects.
  • Analyze strategic procurement strategies to provide a framework for a complicated project.
SRQ780 Assessment answers

Study materials For Completing the Course On Time

If you wish you get the highest scores in the assignment and need some assistance, then you can anytime assignment providers to serve assignment solution on SRQ780. Here are some study materials for you. It will help you to enhance your understanding; take a look into it -

  • Holt, Gary D., Peter ED Love, and Heng Li. "The learning organisation: toward a paradigm for mutually beneficial strategic construction alliances." International journal of project management 18, no. 6 (2000): 415-421.
  • McDermott, Peter. "Strategic and emergent issues in construction procurement." Procurement systems: A guide to best practice in construction (1999): 3-26.
  • Cox, Andrew, and Mike Townsend. Strategic procurement in construction: towards better practice in the management of construction supply chains. London: Thomas Telford, 1998.
  • Ruparathna, Rajeev, and Kasun Hewage. "Review of contemporary construction procurement practices." Journal of management in engineering 31, no. 3 (2015): 04014038.
  • Dim, N. U., and A. C. C. Ezeabasili. "Strategic supply chain framework as an effective approach to the procurement of public construction projects in Nigeria." International Journal of Management and Sustainability 4, no. 7 (2015): 163-172.
  • Staples, Warren, and John Dalrymple. "Construction procurement and state government strategy: aligned or disconnected?." Australian Journal of Public Administration 75, no. 2 (2016): 222-235.
  • Azambuja, Marcelo M., Simone Ponticelli, and William J. O’Brien. "Strategic procurement practices for the industrial supply chain." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 140, no. 7 (2014): 06014005.
SRQ780 assessment answers

What are the important types of Procurement?

If you are not familiar with all types of procurement, then hang on; our assignment maker have added a short description of each type here. It will help you to get a grasp on these topics. Give a quick read at it -

  • Traditional - One of the most frequent building procurement strategies. Engineers or architects serve as project coordinators in this method, designing the work, preparing specifications, tendering the work, and managing the project from start to finish.
  • Design-Build - This is a new method that has gained popularity in recent years, and it entails the customer hiring a single company to do both the design and the construction. In this process, the owner creates a list of project needs before deciding on the notion of what he or she loves most for the project.
  • Management Procurement System - The customer plays an important part in the procurement procedure in this technique by entering into separate contracts with designers, construction managers, and trade contractors.

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SRQ780 Assessment answers sample assignment

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SRQ780 Assessment answers sample assignment solution

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