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The unit SRV799 combines information and abilities learned throughout the study via adapting the design of a challenging architectural project. As students synthesise social, cultural, environmental, and economic information as part of a design management process, learning and evaluation activities will build on urban ecologies and sustainable urban development concepts. This subject is one of the key courses in the extensive project management discipline. Students regularly hunt for SRV799 assessment answers to aid their academic endeavours.

The theory and practice of design management from the viewpoint of the architectural and construction disciplines will be used by the students. Students will use the approaches and procedures of design collaboration to develop strategic and practical briefs that meet customer objectives and are based on discussion, dialogue, and critical thought.

Students will gain knowledge and abilities as they learn via case study-based instruction, as well as the capacity to integrate procedures for application in project assessment and strategic decision-making within the framework of a multidisciplinary setting.

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SRV799 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of the unit SRV799?

Our SRV799 academic assistance experts have provided the following learning outcomes for this unit, which is a part of the psychology diploma. After completing the course, the student is expected to complete the corresponding tasks to achieve the desired results in a professional setting.

  1. Create a business plan from an architectural design or notion that provides the information needed for expert decision-making and resource allocation.
  2. Through evaluating projects and the project environment, demonstrate interdisciplinary expertise in transforming an architectural design into a constructed environment.
  3. Apply design and project management approaches cooperatively to evaluate and convey project viability and feasibility within the context of the project environment and determine the required resources and spending.
SRV799 Assessment Answers

What is Integrated Project Management?

There are certain procedures in place when developing new software. An effective project manager is chosen to accomplish this. Various techniques are in place. Integrated project management is one of the techniques.

The coordination of a project's components is known as project integration management. This involves managing disputes between various project components, striking trade-offs between conflicting demands, assessing resources, and coordinating tasks, resources, stakeholders, and other project components.

Applying Integrated Project Management

A comprehensive strategy encourages cooperation. Early project resource identification promotes the development of more cooperative teams that can openly exchange knowledge. This is done in the following ways -

  1. Identifying Stakeholders - Unifying the many stakeholders into a single team is a key component of integrated project management. Each stakeholder is important to the project and contributes unique skills and knowledge to the table. The team will function more effectively as a whole the sooner the stakeholders can be brought into sync.
  2. Getting Buy-In - Unlike conventional methodologies, an integrated approach is unique. Support must come from above, not from the bottom up. The project's owners, the owners of each firm, and all other stakeholders must all be fully on the same page.
  3. Collaboration - There is no "I" in a team, as the adage goes, and this is true with integrated project management. The team works collaboratively to solve problems by freely exchanging information and discussing issues. All decisions are made with the project in mind and without regard to the individual or business.
  4. Accountability - Accountability is crucial for fostering trust among team members. Someone will follow through on their promises when they make them. Accountability helps team members build trust.
  5. Technology - An integrated project management system uses technology to ensure that all stakeholders are properly informed of project communications and status. Integral project management is built on technology that promotes real-time collaboration and offers project transparency.
SRV799 assessment answers

Benefits of Integrated Project Management

Numerous internal and external participants are essential to managing a project's successful delivery. Several stakeholders, vendors, and subject matter experts are outside the organisation. Your organisation has a variety of resources available within. Integration of all resources is essential since a project manager depends on each employee to contribute positively to the project's success. Unfortunately, people are caught in their silos much too often. To sum up the several advantages -

  • Improved Coordination - The stakeholders invest a lot of time in the planning stage when using such an integrated strategy. Through better coordination, the building phase will be carried out with greater success. It is better to correct any mistakes at the initial planning stages than to discover them after the building stage.
  • Transparency - Team members have perfect openness since teams frequently meet to discuss problems. When duties are assigned through technology, people are held responsible. Additionally, using software to record project data makes everything transparent and increases openness.
  • Time and Money savings - Contractual agreements for IPD projects include team member incentives. The team members are motivated to complete the project on time and within the projected budget. They are eligible for cash incentives if they can save money on a project. They can also take advantage of these incentives and move on to the next job.

Key Components of Integrated Project Management

  1. Project Charter - A project charter, which outlines the project's scope, objectives, resources, methods, and participants, as well as the roles and duties of the stakeholders and the project manager, is the first step in the IPM process.
  2. Project Scope - The project's long-term goals, like "raise income," and the precise goals that will assist those goals to be accomplished, like "expand online presence," are specified.
  3. Management Plan - All additional plans and activities related to the project, such as communication procedures and cybersecurity standards, are incorporated into a comprehensive, integrated project plan.
  4. Execution - Each project component is planned, carried out, and its success is evaluated following the major goals and benchmarks.
  5. Monitoring - The project charter's performance targets are continuously compared to the performance data. If a predetermined baseline for performance is not met, adjustments are made to bring it back up to par.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This three-year course seeks to give students the most recent participatory techniques for determining needs and prioritising, organising, managing, and evaluating community-based programmes.

The field of project management is undoubtedly rewarding, offering competitive pay and a wide variety of tasks, but it's also difficult and occasionally quite stressful.

The field of project management is undoubtedly rewarding, offering competitive pay and a wide variety of tasks, but it's also difficult and occasionally quite stressful.

Yes, we have a group of subject-matter specialists who will work on your projects; regardless of the subject or course they are for, you will receive only the highest-calibre work done in the quickest time possible.

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