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Two Programming Paradigms Used In Programming Assignments

  1. Imperative and modular programming- Imperative programming is a programming paradigm that describes programming in terms of the status of the program and statements that change that state. Imperative programs are a set of instructions that tell the computer how to perform a task. High-level imperative languages, use variables as well as a set of operators and functions for their manipulation. In imperative programming, all variables are global, since they can be used in any part of the program.
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The programming modular abstracts a set of instructions as a function defining the programmer. The programmer must declare and define functions in terms of the imperative instructions of the language. A function built by the programmer can be invoked as one more language instruction. The functions communicate with each other through their parameters. In contrast to imperative programming, it is not well seen to work with global variables. All variables must be local to the functions where they are declared.

  1. Structured programming- It is a programming paradigm aimed at improving the clarity, quality, and development time of program subroutines or functions using only three structures: sequential, conditional, and repetitive.

In the late 1970s, a new way of programming emerged that led to more readable, reliable, and efficient programs. They were based on the structured program theorem, proposed by Bohm-Jacopini, which shows that every program can be written using only the following three control structures:

Sequential structure. It is formed by a sequence of calls to instructions of the language or functions of the programmer.

Conditional structure. It is the one that executes a structure if a Boolean condition is met.

Iterative structure with the condition. It is one that executes a structure over and over again if a Boolean condition is met.

Only with these three structures can all possible programs and applications be written. While programming languages have a greater repertoire of control structures.

In structured programming, the 3 types of structures mentioned do not appear in isolation but some appear "inside" (or nested) of any of them. For example, it is normal for a sequence structure to appear "nested" in a conditional or an iterative, or it is very common for an iterative to appear "nested" in another iterative.

These structures and their "nests" are not new to you. This aspect was already introduced when talking about "Problem Solving with a Computer" and some recommendations were given on how you should express an algorithm, where we highlight: verbs in the infinitive, the expressions if-else and, must be used while-do. These expressions correspond to the sequential, conditional, and iterative control structures, respectively.

Solved Example 1. Structured Algorithm To Do Some Calculations

The following algorithm has the purpose of adding the even numbers that exist between two numbers given by the user, as well as multiplying the odd numbers that exist between both numbers. The algorithm has been designed using only the 3 indicated structures.

  1. Stores in n and m values given by the user.
  2. Consider actual equal to n.
  3. Consider the sum "a" equal to 0.
  4. Consider product equal to 1.
  5. As long as it actual is less than or equal to m do the following
  6. Print the value of actual
  7. If it actual is even,
  8. add actual to sum a to update sum a
  9. If it actual is odd,
  10. multiply actual to product to update product 0.
  11. Update actual with the following number.
  12. Returns the value of sum a.
  13. Returns the value of product 0.

This algorithm begins with a sequential structure. The structure is made up of lines 1-4. In processing this structure is translated into a sequence of statements of data type statements of a series of variables and their corresponding assignment statement.

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In line 5 we have a repeating structure. Repeat lines over and over as long as it actual is less than or equal to m. The repetitive structure contains 4 structures: A sequential (formed by line a), two conditional structures (lines b and c) and a sequential (formed by line d). In turn, each of the conditional structures contains a sequential structure formed by a single instruction: lines bi to make a sum and ci to make a product.

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