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Social justice as a concept has had its prevalence for many centuries and years. Accordingly, it has its share of applications in various governments as well as societies. For the most part, it focuses on methods that promote equality and fairness. Accordingly, it also focuses on the development of policies using which every individual has equal access towards requirements for the overall betterment of society as a whole. The Australian students of law often seek SWB108 assessment answers while completing projects related to legal justice and the relevant systems.

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SWB108 assessment answers

How Social Justice is Obtained in Australia?

Australia is known for its strict and resilient form of the social justice system. From the days of eminent philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato to modern social commentators, all the entities have their fair share of contributions to the development of the social justice system of Australia. In the first place, the constitution serves as the foundation of the overall governmental system. Accordingly, it contains the relevance and significance of the legalities related to various criminal and justice-related aspects.

In particular, when it comes to justice, every individual who feels the need for justice can approach the legal system. The courts serve as a medium where an individual can exercise their rights with regard to the pursuit of justice. When it comes to Australia, at the lower level, there are district courts where most deals have their jurisdiction at the local level. However, as we move further, you will find that the supreme court of Australia is the top most level of court that has its jurisdiction, in particular the whole of Australia.

In addition, other bodies of the Australian democratic system, namely executive and legislation, need to make sure that the laws are applied effectively among various users and also the right type of laws are enacted in case of any new law is to be applied, it must be made sure that there are thoughtful and constructive discussions being conducted prior to the law or their amendments becoming a part of the constitution as well as the legal system.

In fact, it has been observed that indigenous Australians is also known as aboriginals, have been the most unfairly treated sections among the Australians as a whole. Thus different entities have a prioriticed emphasis on proving justice to these deprived sections of societies.

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Social justice refers to the methods using which the different entities of the society are treated fairly and equally.

In Australia, minority communities such as Aboriginals are more likely to face injustice from society, because of which it becomes more essential for these communities to obtain the optimal form of justice.

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