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Electrical Engineering is an interdisciplinary curriculum in which students are expected to learn so many concepts. Synchronous and asynchronous generators and motors is a crucial principle that every other electrical engineer should learn about. Sample assignment offers synchronous generator assignment help along with electrical engineering homework help or electrical engineering assignment help online.

synchronous generator assignment help

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Learn More AboutSynchronous Generator With Our Synchronous Generator Assignment Writing Help

The synchronous generator also defined as an alternator is an electrical rotating machine that converts the mechanical power from a prime moving shaft to an AC electrical output at a fixed voltage and frequency.

Synchronous Generator Assignment Topics Addressed By Our Synchronous Generator Assignment Writing Help

We have delivered numerous orders on synchronous generator assignments to students of the electrical branch, and the topics of different complexity levels. Among such topics include:

  • Principle of the mechanism of a synchronous generator

Synchronous Generators operate on the concept of magnetism developed from Faradays laws of electromagnet induction. As per Faradays electromagnetic induction theorem, as it rotates in the uniform magnetic field, the electromotive force is generated throughout the armature coil due to a flux shift in the armature.

Therefore, the relative motion between the conductor and the field creates the EMF in the conductor. The waveform of the induced voltage will always be in the form of a sinusoidal curve.

  • Easy Concept on Differential protection of a synchronous generator by our Experts

Differential protection of a synchronous generator is primarily used to shield the stator windings from ground failures and phase-to-phase faults. The problems in the stator windings can be very dangerous and can cause severe damage to the generator component. The differential protection is given within the generator by the use of a longitudinal differential relay. In contrast to the proper operation of the differential system, all relay coils adjacent to the current transformer in the main circuit must be located and safeguarded.

  • Construction of a Synchronous Generator

Generally, the synchronous generator is composed of two components rotor and stator. Both the shaft and the stator can be considered as the synchronous generators rotational or stationary component. They are one of the components of any synchronous generator that generates electricity. The rotor holds the field pole while the stator carries the armature. It is the relative motion between these two which induces a voltage difference between the two terminalsof the generator.

The speed of field poles is synchronous and is given by:

Where f indicates alternating current frequency and P indicates several poles.

  • Applications of Synchronous Generator

The electric current generated by a Synchronous Generator has a waveform that is synchronized with the generators rotational speed. The frequency of the alternating current (AC) therefore varies with the rate of the prime mover which may be anything that drives the generator Internal Combustion Engine, Turbine in a hydroelectric dam, a steam turbine in coal or nuclear power station.

The industrial standard is the 3 phase synchronous alternators with many benefits in power supply and distribution. The most widely used frequencies are two. There are 60 Hertz in North America while Europe utilizes 50 Hertz.

synchronous generator assignment help synchronous generator assignment help

Some other common applications are:

  • Backup or Standby Generators: Since modern standby generators replicate the energy generated by the electric grid, they deliver electricity to households, companies, industries, and organizations during a failure.
  • Solar energy Generators: Speed is easily monitoredand hence the frequency.
  • Automotive Alternator: During the past, the battery was loaded and the vehicle powered using a basic DC generator. The silicon diode rectifier made practical use of a three-phase synchronous alternator.
  • Portable Generators: The most popular form of portable generator generates a similar current to the power utility. Depending on the intended use the current standard ranges from poor to excellent. Portable generators are controlled by internal combustion engines and are built to operate on a gaseous fuel such as propane or petrol or diesel.
  • Wind Turbines: Many home applications utilize a multi-phase synchronous generator to produce AC that is rectified to DC to charge batteries.

Other topics on which experts have given outstanding synchronous generator homework include:

  • A detailed study on the construction of a synchronous generator
  • Development of the equivalent circuit of synchronous generator
  • Phasor diagram of a synchronous generator
  • Torque and power equations of synchronous generator
  • Parallel operation of synchronous generator
  • Reason to use only 50 hertz or 60 hertz
  • Difference between ac generator and dc generator
  • Benefits and demerits of using the synchronous generator

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