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Systems Theory Parameters Covered In Assignments

The system is characterized by certain parameters. Parameters are arbitrary constants that characterize, by their properties, the value, and the dimensional description of a specific system or system component.

The parameters of the systems theory covered in assignments:

Input or impulse: it is the starting force of the system, which provides the material or energy for the operation of the system.

Output or product or result: is the purpose for which elements and relationships of the system were gathered.

Processing or processor or transformer (throughput): it is the phenomenon that produces changes, it is the mechanism of conversion of inputs into outputs or results.

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Feedback: it is the return function of the system that tends to compare the output with a pre-established criterion, keeping it controlled within that standard or criterion.

The environment is that externally surrounds the system. It is in constant interaction with the system, since it receives inputs, processes them, and makes outputs.

Critical Evaluation Explained By Systems Theory Assignment Experts

As a student, you have learned that system theory emerged with the works of the German biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy, published between 1950 and 1968. The TGS does not seek to solve problems or propose practical solutions, but rather to produce theories and conceptual formulations that can create conditions of application in reality.

System Theory is the least criticized since not enough time has passed for its deeper analysis. However, a critical appreciation of the TS leads to the following aspects:

1. Confrontation between open and closed system theories

There are several critical implications between distinguishing an open and a closed system, from an administrative point of view, there is the following of the open system:

The dynamic nature of the environment conflicts with the static tendency of the organization.

A rigid organizational system cannot survive if it does not respond by adapting to the environment.

An open system needs to guarantee the absorption of its products by the environment.

The system needs constant and refined information from the environment. Constant, refined, and fast feedback is essential for the system.

1. Theory System is considered too abstract and conceptual, therefore difficult to apply to practical managerial situations. Although it has great applicability, its systematic approach is an understandable general theory, covering all organizational phenomena. It is a general theory of organizations and administration, an integrative synthesis.

2. Integrative And Abstract Nature Of Systems Theory

A strong cause for the existence of organizations is their synergistic effect, that is, the sum of the inputs may differ in quantity or quality in the result of an organization. The word synergy comes from the Greek (syn = with and ergo = work) and means joint work. Each participant in the organization expects that the personal benefits of their participation will be greater than the personal costs of participation. Synergy exists when two or more causes, acting together, produce an effect greater than the sum of the effects they would produce acting individually.

3. The Synergistic Effect Of Organizations As Open Systems

Theory System is based on the theory of functional man. The individual plays a role within the organization, interacting with other individuals, as an open system. In his role-based actions, he maintains expectations regarding the role of others and sends his expectations to others. That interaction alters or reinforces the role. Organizations are role systems, in which individuals act as role transmitters and organizers.

4. The Functional Man

5. A New Organizational Approach

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The systematic perspective introduced a new way of appreciating phenomena. Not just in terms of breadth, but in terms of focus. The focus of the whole and the parts, inside and outside, of the general and specialization, of internal integration and external adaptation, of efficiency and effectiveness.

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