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Do you want to know more about the project and event management and all the key areas covered under this course? Enhance your knowledge from the experts at Sample Assignment and complete THT3119 assessment answers under their guidance.

Event management is a type of application related to project management. It involves the development and creation of large and tiny scale companies and people related to various kinds of events like ceremonies, festivals, formal parties, conferences, weddings, concerts, and conventions. The event management also helps to find out the entire market, differentiate the right target audience and the production of the collected data from the events, and then coordinate with the technical aspects just before launching their particular circumstance. The methods to design that comes up with coordination of the entire event are mainly noted as event management, which comprises scheduling, budgeting, necessary permits, parking, transportation, coordination, website selection, entertainers and composing for all the speakers, event security collecting, ornament, coordination with Vendors of fast and third-party Catering and several types of emergency plans.

Each and every event is entirely different in its nature, so the execution and designing of several events mainly differ on their type. As the project management technique and tools, several types of surprise birthday celebrations are considered. It specifically includes technical needs and milestones. In this course, students have to focus with full dedication on several projects and time management of all the schedules and costs in the scope. They need to trace properly for undertaking and helping to anticipate any type of problems. For that, students are required to have proper knowledge about this field.

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THT3119 assessment answers

The Essential Aspects of Project and Event Management

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During the assignment process, there are critical points that you need to remember and understand the main goal of writing the assignment. The areas are -

  • Proper area management
  • Event organization
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Proper guidance
  • Making proper portfolio
  • Handling financial data

The assignment solution on THT3119 is not only about the data collection and field experiments. These present the point of view of all the students who have taken this course on their cultural and crucial viewpoint about the project of event management.

THT3119 Assessment Answers

Why this Course is Important?

This course mainly shows an important aspect to the students. As per John Kerzner Luis, 2008, "The Scope is the summation of all deliverables needed as a part of the project. This includes all merchandise, services, and results." A proper guide to the Event Management Body of Knowledge-sixth Edition interprets project extent as, "The job that retains to be conducted to provide a property, employment, or ensue with the desired choices functions".

The scope is frequently signed by all parties involved in the project. The formulation of a scope of work to aid in the management of changes throughout implementation. In order to get the date confirmed, the initial priority was to get an acknowledgment. Therefore the schedule is already crammed. Because the topic, the venue, and all of the minor print still need to be defined, the scope is widened because of this. It's because the timetable is constrained and hence cannot be compromised to fit a predetermined value, so the value is acceptable.

A backup plan can be a strategy developed to help a corporation deal with a major future event or situation that may or may not occur. The contingency plan is mainly called "Plan B," as the outcome of this is mainly utilized as another for litigation if anticipated findings fail to materialize. Contingency can also be a part of industry businesses, disaster recovery risk management techniques.

Study Materials to Complete this Course

You can refer to the following study material to enhance your understanding:

  • Archer, P. Ghasemzadeh, F. (1999) An integrated framework for project portfolio selection. International Journal of Project Management, 17(4), 207-216
  • Canils, M. Bakens, R. (2012).The effects of Project Management Information Systems on decision making in a multi-project environment. International Journal of Project Management, 30(2), 162
  • Carr, R.I. (1989). Cost-estimating principles. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 115(4), 545& (2010). Planning a Surprise Birthday Party for your Wife. Retrieved on September
THT3119 assessment answers

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Event management is mainly the application of several types of project management to develop and create personal and corporate events like funerals, birthdays, concerts, conventions, festivals, and conferences.

The name project management is all about managing with proper planning, and focus that helps to organize all the projects with the resources, whereas event management focuses of using organisation and management skills to plan and execute all the social events.

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