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Working on projects and making case studies can be hectic without the help of an expert. So we have an exciting offer for you! Our Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study experts are here to help you in this field. That is also within a budget-friendly price! But how are they going to help you? Let's know -

They will help to analyse the project work by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MSD). Here it shows Delhi generated around 7000 (MT) metric tonnes of solid waste daily in 2020. By 2021 it is assumed that it will increase up to 20,000 (MT) metric tonnes. This situation is not likely to improve because all the landfill sites that are used for garbage disposing of have filled their capacity and also envisaged capacity.

So the Delhi Municipal Corporation has invited on a huge project that will help to reduce the MSW that is disposed of at all the landfill sites. That is also utilising the waste for good purposes, like power generation from the garbage.

There are two locations (The main locations of the Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study) come under this project -

  • Okhla
  • Tirampur

These are the two main places where the whole project is getting done. All the research, case studies and field works will be done from these two areas.

timarpur okhla integrated municipal solid waste management project case study help

Facilities of Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project

There are some facilities that are expanded as the part of the project -

  • At Okhla, a 16 MW generated power Plant is inaugurated.
  • The bio-methylation plant is capable of handling a hundred TPD green waste here.
  • Tree plantation has been started for converting MSW into the RDF fuel that helps to process 1500 TPD 655 TPD at Okhla and the Tirampur.

If you take this project it will be beneficial for your future. Because it has been registered with the government and many popular companies have shown interest in it. The report says that within six years the whole project will be completed. As per the update, 25% have been completed. And if you need any Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study help online our service is always for you.

Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study

Why should you take this project?

Currently, renowned companies are working on this project.

Jindal urban infrastructure Ltd got an award for this project in 2008 January. This company was among seven bidders. They were bidding from 40 other potential bidders. Finally, JUIL got this award on the basis of a minimum liberalized power of 2.83 per unit. As per the bidding document, it was the financial bid parameter.

Till now this is the most profitable project in Indian history. If we check their case history, it will reflect that their project -

  • IRR without CDM is 9.6% and with CDM is 16.5%.
  • The average DSCR is 1.08 without CDM, and with CDM is 1.96.
  • Their minimum DSCR is 1.06 without CDM, and with CDM, it is 1.21.
  • Their debt-equity ratio is 70.30 without CDM. And with CDM it is 70.30.

The project analysis shows three prospects here. Inception, feasibility, and procurement. Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study sample online provides you with the best assignment maintaining these three prospects.

timarpur okhla integrated municipal solid waste management project case study help

Case study assessment answers done under our Expert's Guidance.

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Now we are going to attach a screenshot of this task that will help you to understand our work. So let's check out the screenshot here -

Timarpur Okhla Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Project case study 2

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A management project case study needs a lot of effort and time. There are so many risks that you need to avoid to complete this study. There are many students who are unable to complete the task within the time frame. So it will be great if you take case study assignment help. Our experts are going to go through all the implementation of the case study and will help you to make assignments. Now let's check out the benefits -

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