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Hello, travel lovers! Chances are that you are also a travel freak and exploration runs in your blood. Are you pursuing the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management course in one of the universities in Australia? What's better than having your interests and career aligned? The TL3050 is an elective (entitled Managing for Strategic Success in Tourism) in the tourism and hospitality management course and offers credit points for semester evaluation and assessment. And this is where students have a tough time, dealing with all the syllabus, exams, and assignment submissions! If you're looking for someone to help you with writing your THT3111 assessment answers, you've landed at the right place! Sample Assignment is the best place to avail academic help you can find in the entire country!

TL3050 Assessment Answers

According to the experts of our TL3050 Managing for Strategic Success in Tourism, Hospitality and Events assignment help service, there are some key concepts which a good manager in tourism must be well-versed with. Broadly, our experts have enlisted the following five significant categories.

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Sustainable development
  • Maximum sustainable income
  • Market knowledge

Now, let us look at these in a little more detail, as explained by our in-house experts, for your ease of understanding below:

Sustainable Tourism: Ideally, sustainability must be the cornerstone of the tourism industry since tourist activities impact most of the primary resource base that is derived from nature. Some of the measures that firms are taking for the conservation and preservation of energy, materials, and other natural resources is by cutting their costs and thus increasing revenues and profits. Sustainability in tourism can only arise when the citizens of this civilisation are mindful and take the responsibility of keeping the environment safe and inhabitable. This can be done by conducting education drives and other means of spreading awareness and inculcating a sense of environmental responsibility in public.

Sustainable Development: The ultimate goal is sustainable development for all! This is what even the various sustainable tourism practices are aimed to achieve. The experts who provide assignment solutions on TL3050 also suggest that the core essence of sustainable development is the ability to use the current resources and economies in such a way that it does not compromise the capacity or capability to meet the needs of the future. The main issue related to sustainable development is how to reconcile the impact of economic growth with open access to the public good and the inevitability of our natural environment that suffers from Detrimental external impacts. As of now, this issue can be combated by practising conscious and sustainable tourism, agriculture, city life, ecology, etc.

Conservation of Resources: Even after so much technological advancement, the rate at which the possible exhaustion and depletion of the primary productive resources remain a central problem of the economy. One of the primary issues and the tourism industry is the implication of the open-access property of most of the natural environment for flora and fauna to be able to thrive, the sustainability of some food resources and the conservation of amenity resources.

TL3050 Assessment Answers

Some of the renowned Australian universities offer the best study programs in Tourism related courses at all levels, be it, bachelor's or master. If you need any further guidance on the choice of university, you can always consult our proficient online mentors to have your doubts resolved and take TL3050 academic assistance or any other subject, for that matter! Check out the best universities below:

  • Victoria University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • Griffith University
  • La Trobe University
  • The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
  • Kaplan Business School
  • University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  • International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)
TL3050 assessment answers

Voraciously binging on journals is by far the habit of staying up to date with the reliable and latest knowledge on your subject. The experts who provide online help with assignments have listed below some of the best journals that you must check out if you wish to delve deeper into the subject. For any further support or query, you could connect with us over a call or chat live. Check out the journals below:

  • International Journal of Tourism Sciences
  • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research
  • Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Journal of Travel Research
  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • Journal of Vacation Marketing
  • Anatolia Journal
  • Tourist Studies

TL3050 Assignment Sample Online

Our academicians have helped with many assessment tasks of students related to strategic management in tourism, and given below is one of those samples done by a student under the mentorship of our subject matter experts. Have a look at it below. You can also download the full solution draft, if you wish, from the website. For that, you need to register with us through your email id. Check out the sample below:

TL3050 Assessment Answers 2

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It is important so that the overall national development stays in line with sustainable development, and this starts with a sustainable tourism practice and management.

Taking part in the education programs on sustainable tourism, volunteering, donating, spreading awareness, and educating people about responsible tourism are some ways we can promote it.

That is one of our many specialities. Our committed team of quality check analysts can proofread and make necessary corrections to give your report a professional finish!

We do provide coursework help online tutoring services to help you understand concepts and topics that you might be finding difficult to wrap your mind around by yourself.

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