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Total quality management is a management strategy with a comprehensively structured approach which aims at improving the provision of services through effective communication to improve customer satisfaction. This system of management deems every worker to maintain an aspect high-quality inter-personal standards of work in the business. This managerial philosophy helps the business to meet the needs of its stakeholders to satisfaction through integration of all organizational functions that is marketing, finance, design, production and customer service. Total quality management forms the basis of many organizational functions.

For total quality management t o be achieved, the following principles have to come into play:

  • Managerial commitment.
  • Empowerment of employees.
  • Fast and factual decision making.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Customer orientation
  • Quality integration
  • Prevention
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Total quality management is therefore a continuous organizational process of eliminating errors in the manufacturing process, streamlining supply chain management, improving the customer experience and ensuring that employees are at per being updated in upcoming trends in customer service. It revolves around the following aspects: Operator quality control, Inspection quality control and Statistical quality control.

Under this, quality in business can be transcendent, product based, user-based, manufacturing based, or value based. The main quality dimensions are operational dimension, reliability dimension, economical dimension and organizational dimension.

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