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The course is broken down into ten sessions, covering topics such as general factors that influence foreign direct investment in and out of developing markets; trade disputes on a global scale; export competitiveness; and some practical ways for emerging economy enterprises to enter global markets. It presumes a fundamental knowledge of internationalisation processes and the plans and operations of multinational corporations in the global economy.

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5034SSL assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the 5034SSL Course

  • Learn about advanced concepts related to underdevelopment, regional development, and the growth of emerging economies that are based on theory, research, and geography.
  • Explain the governance of the economic environment in emerging market economies. Learn how companies with headquarters in affluent economies work successfully with partners or rivals in developing nations.
  • Integrate theoretical perspectives from international development and business to critically assess how multinational organisations (including MNEs, INGOs, and other structures of global governance) have influenced the growth of developing economies.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion of contemporary issues in global management with an emphasis on developing markets. Predict how multinational companies' best strategies will be impacted by the organisational structure in emerging markets.

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5034SSL Assessment Answers

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5034SSL assessment answers

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The elimination of world poverty depends on trade. Open economies tend to develop more quickly, innovate, increase productivity, and give their citizens more chances and higher incomes.

Export trade, import trade, and outlet trade are the three categories of global trade.

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