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The animation is an ART. Art of drawing, fine arts, acting, and computer software give an illusion of movement when shown rapidly. Animation has allowed the narrators to tell stories in distinctive ways, not from today, but from ages. 

So, what an Animation essay is all about? Animation is a technique of photographing sequential drawings, images, or models, to produce an illusion of movement. The scientific reason behind this is the 'persistence of vision. Human eyes can recognize this series of images as 'smooth motion' because, for one image, the retention power of our eyes is approximately 1/10 of a second, and hence when multiple images emerge rapidly, our brain combines them into a single moving image. Now, from where to start the animation essay? If you are stuck and want someone to assist you, contact Sample Assignment for Animation Essay Writing Help.

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Tips For Writing Your Custom Animation Essay With Custom Animation Essay Writing Service

A typical animation essay is a piece of writing that you create with your ideas and interests. An animation essay has all the details of a specific animation topic, the background, relevant examples, sketches, storyboards, etc. What makes an animation essay different from other essays is your creativity, ideas, and emotions. To write a fruitful essay, here are some tips provided, that are useful to consider while writing your assignment.

animation essay writing help UK
  1. Organize your essay in five easy steps Introduction background details; thesis; recommendations and conclusion. This step helps you to stay organized and manageable throughout the process. It keeps you goal-centric.
  2. Select the topic according to your interest. Focus on one of the basic plotlines- Overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy, or rebirth.
  3. Collect information, facts, and ideas that your animation is trying to depict, from different sources before proceeding with the writing part.
  4. Insert Sketches, diagrams, images, storyboards with relevant examples to support your topic.
  5. Try to be very creative and thoughtful. Take ideas from your favorite animated movies that have influenced you or your work.
  6. Conclude your essay by mentioning all the key points and crux of your discussed topic.

Assignment Topics Covered By Animation Essay Writing Experts Online

Whenever you say “Do My Animation Essay Writing in the UK”, we make sure to help you with all kinds of topics.

  1. Nearly all the toys are the originators of Animation. The very first toy, designed to amuse children, was invented in the 1820s i.e." Thaumatrope". It is made up of two pieces of string and paper on which there is one image at the front, and another on the back. When you spin it with your hands, it gives the illusion of merging the two images.
  2. "Zoetrope" invented in the 1860s, was designed to animate. In this model, pictures were put inside a cylinder, the viewer would spin the cylinder and see the moving images with the help of slits in it. Hence, it was proved to be an expensive toy for children and adults. With time, people's interest developed, and they started making their animation toys. This introduced the Flipbook.
  3. A "Flipbook" is made by layering sheets of paper with images in series. As the viewer 'flips' through the book, speedily, a quick animation is observed. Such essay topics can be assigned for research paper writing service.
  4. Photography and film J. Stuart Blackton designed the first animated film in 1906. He titled the film "Humorous phases of Funny phases". It is considered a Stop motion/ Famous clay motion. "Wallace and Gromit" are popular clay motion characters today.
  5. Now, the animation world moves from stop motion to cartoons. Winsor McCay created the first character-based Cartoon called "Gertie the Dinosaur" in 1914. It is about 5 minutes long and contains 10,000 drawings.
  6. With growing technology, Walt Disney debuts the first cartoon to feature animation and sound. It is called "Steamboat Willie".
  7. During the next 40 years, Animation transformation transpired from an exotic toy into a major business. These were: Walt Disney Company, Fox animation, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers Animation, MGM Animation.

  8. CGI- CGI stands for “Computer-generated Imagery”
  9. CGI allows animators to create imaginary situations and illusions within real and live actions. The first conventional movie that used CGI was "The Last Starfighter" in 1984.

    animation essay writing help UK

    Animation has evolved and escalated around the globe. This field has a rich history that makes it prolific. It has been used in different forms from the beginning. We have been using it for entertainment, Storytelling, or as propaganda. It is one of the most powerful and creative tools. To unite people, we should continue using it, irrespective of their beliefs and interests.

    Tools and software used by animators and specialists are videotapes, motion picture film, digital video, flipbook, digital media, and flash animation.

    Types of animation: -

    • 3D Computer Animation
    • Traditional Animation
    • 2D Vector-based Animation
    • Stop Motion
    • Motion Graphics

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