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Archaeology is the study of history and pre-historic civilisations via excavation of historical sites and analysing the artefacts recovered from the site. Archaeology students are assigned various assignments on the subject like Palaeography, Harappa, Ethno Archaeology, Epigraphy, Prehistoric World, etc. Archaeology is studied to understand how politics and the economy were handled in ancient times.

archaeology assignment help UK

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archaeology assignment help UK

Methods Used By Our Online Archaeology Assignment Help Service

Remote sensing: This technique refers to collecting information from a site through physical contact. Remote sensing is used before digging the archaeological site. It is fitting for large historical sites. Passive and active are the two types of remote sensing.

Excavation: The process of exposing, processing, and collecting the archaeological remains is known as excavation. Excavation sites vary depending upon the place. Excavation may take several years. There are several concepts in the excavation such as phasing, site formation, and stratification. Various methods are used in excavating a site for the information.

Field survey: The archaeologists always survey the field for the proofs or remains of ancient times. A field survey is a systematic survey that is done to locate the characteristics of the archaeological site. It is an efficient and effective method. There are various kinds of field surveys, like geographical surveys, aerial surveys, and surface survey.

Computational and virtual archaeology: This is an updated technology. The historical sites are made using this upgraded technology; computer graphics. These computer graphics help to understand the site well. Various tools are used in computational and virtual archaeology methods.

Analysis: The findings are analysed after the excavation. The process of analysing the artefacts and the archaeological site is called post-excavation analysis. This is one of the most time-consuming processes. After the artefacts are collected, they are cleaned, preserved, catalogued, studied, and then compared to the information published.

Drones: Archaeologists around the globe use drones for speedy research and easy aerial spotting. Drones are less time-consuming. They help in protecting the archaeological sites firm the builders, squatters, and miners.

Topics To Study Under Archaeology:

Below-mentioned is the topics on which our archaeology assignment help service assists you:

  • Ethno Archaeology
  • Prehistoric World
  • Palaeography
  • Epigraphy

Have A Look At The Assignment Question Recently Solved By Our Archaeology Experts:

archaeology assignment question uk

Academic Sub-Disciplines Of Archaeology Covered Under Assignments

Historical archaeology: This field studies ancient history with the help of historical archaeological records.

Ethnoarchaeology: This field studies modern social science which is based on ancient societies.

Experimental archaeology: Experimental archaeology aims to test and generate the hypotheses of archaeology.

Archaeometry: The archaeologist measures the artefacts, findings, and archaeological sites in archaeometry.

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  • archaeology assignment help UK
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