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Technology, the internet, and telecommunications have permeated every aspect of our lives. Analytical foundations for some of the fundamental technologies that underpin Internet operation are introduced in this unit. Australia is in demand of new skills and if you are too, then reach out to us for writing well-structured CS549 assessment answers.

The unit CS549 provides the students with a fundamental foundation in distributed and cloud system design and implementation as the basic objective of the program. The developers are always in a debate about what the best way of building a cloud system is. This unit addresses important topics like Paxos and global consensus and their use in the construction of cloud systems. Several other topics, such as the CAP Theorem, its strong and weak consistency, the implications of developing highly available services, benefits and drawbacks of adopting distributed NoSQL database instead of rational stores like MySQL, such as Cassandra, Web stocks, and REST play in cloud computing services are also discussed within this program. This course will mix practical experience creating cloud services with a solid foundation in the methods and ideas for creating distributed and cloud systems.

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CS549 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Unit?

The unit CS549 aids the student in gaining a deeper comprehension of the complex technological concerns that underlie information systems in the specific setting of content distribution via the internet. These are some performance criteria mentioned by our CS549 academic assistance experts for you to achieve your desired goals in the industrial scenario.

  1. Know how to address a distributed global application's design and select the right technology for each element.
  2. Understand the various challenges involved in creating and maintaining an application that may be accessed by many users but may also be modified by editors whose power to alter must be restricted.
  3. Exhibit the capacity to address various complex technical difficulties underpinning the realization of globally dispersed data systems through effective application.
CS549 assessment answers

Difference between Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing

What is Distributed System?

Distributed computing uses a distributed system to divide a single, complicated problem into smaller, independent jobs, each of which is then processed by a different computer. A distributed system comprises multiple autonomous computers that communicate across a network. Utilizing their local memory, each computer connected to a network communicates with the others to accomplish a shared objective.

Examples -

  • Facebook,
  • World Wide Web (www),
  • ATM,
  • Hadoop's Distributed File System,
  • Google bots, indexing servers,
  • Lastly, Cloud Network Systems (which are a specialized form of the distributed system itself).

Systems using Centralized Computing, like IBM In technological computations, mainframes have been used for many years. One central computer manages all the peripherals and executes intricate computations in centralized computing.

Benefits of Distribution Systems

  • It is more cost-effective to install microprocessors than mainframes. Hence, distributed computing systems offer a superior price/performance ratio than centralized computers.
  • Distributed computing systems are comparatively more powerful than centralized (mainframe) computer systems. Distributed computing systems enable incremental growth so businesses can gradually increase their software and computing capacity when necessary.

What is Cloud Computing?

By using Internet-based technology, its massively scalable, adaptable IT capabilities are provided to consumers as a service in the cloud. Services include infrastructure, platforms, apps, and storage areas. Users pay for these services, which consume resources.

Examples of Cloud Computing -

  • With huge cloud storage, Youtube hosts millions of video files uploaded by different users.
  • Picasa and Flickr store millions of digital photos on their servers, enabling users to upload photos and build online photo albums.
  • Another excellent example of cloud computing is Google Docs, which enables users to upload spreadsheets, word documents, and presentations to their data servers. Individuals may publish their documents on Google Docs for other users to view and modify.

Users will simply stop using you if the program stalls or runs slowly in a world of fierce competition. As a result, the downtime must be extremely near zero. The program must be available to users around-the-clock, 365 days a year, whether in California, Japan, New York, or England. The processing of enormous structured and unstructured datasets is a mission-critical business requirement that mainframes cannot scale up to satisfy. This opened the door for distributed cloud computing technologies, allowing corporate processes to carry out crucial functions on enormous datasets.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • According to a study, 42 percent of working millennials would be content to accept a 6 percent income loss on average and make sacrifices in the salary department if they could telecommute. People worldwide may use your cloud if they just have internet connectivity, thereby expanding your workforce at a low cost.
  • According to research, 73% of knowledge workers collaborate across different locations and time zones. Without cloud computing, employees must transfer data over email, which results in the same file having several names and formats. With the development of cloud computing services, businesses may offer greater document control to their knowledge workers by putting the file in one central location and having everyone work more productively on that one central copy.

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CS549 assessment answers

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The phrase "cloud computing" refers to the on-demand supply of hosted resources and services through the internet, including data storage, software, processing power, etc. It is the most important invention of the twenty-first century.

The largest obstacle to cloud platforms is information security and privacy. By using encryption, security hardware, and security software, one may resolve security and privacy concerns.

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