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Learn How Geography Personal Statement Help Can Boost Your Career

Are you dreaming of a Geography course at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, London School Economics etc.? Did you know that the acceptance rate of students at the London School of Economics is just 8.9%? How are you going to prove that you are an ideal student for that place? How will you compete with several thousand students who will apply for the same spot as yours? A convincing geography personal statement can make or break your chances of getting admission into your most desired college.

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Admission application is a cumbersome process. Deadlines of multiple universities, attaching several documents, arranging letters of reference etc., make it difficult for students to devote a lot of time to write their personal statements. It is a time-consuming process that requires multiple feedbacks. Start early. Do not let such hiccups come in the way of your life goals. Students often seek geography personal statement help to get this part right.

geography personal statement help

What Are The Key Elements Of A Good Geography Personal Statement?

Writing a personal statement is a very critical task, and it is essential to know the crucial elements of the same:

  • Interests: Delineate the reasons for inclination towards Geography. If you want to be a step ahead of others, talk about the subject outside your classroom’s reach.
  • Experience: If you are devoted to something, you will make extra efforts to gain experience in that field. Admission counsellors want to see the level of actions you have put into gaining knowledge about the subject.
  • Personality: How are you as a person? Some common qualities are always beneficial to have in personal statements. Students can demonstrate empathy by showing volunteering opportunities that they undertook.
  • Communication: Students should write a grammatically correct statement. To add to it, displaying that one is good at communication skills can be highly fruitful. Students can mention their debating events, speeches or presentation skills.

Our geography personal statement experts compose a very structured piece for each student.

Dos and Don'ts While Writing A Geography Personal Statement

Here are a few things you should follow while writing a geography personal statement:

  • Form a Storyline for your narrative. You should tell the admissions coach, in your own words, why you merit a spot. In this highly competitive world, you have to explain why you are a fit candidate for that college seat.
  • Show enthusiasm about the world, both locally and worldwide. Where have you been, how did you respond, what did you realize? Anything that shows social mindfulness is acceptable. Including these details will give them an insight into your passion. It shows that you are dedicated.
  • You know a lot about the subject and its contemporary application. How will the admission counsellor know this? Demonstrate that you are fully informed regarding advancements in this subject. You are up to date with its news and current events.
  • Show that you are completely engrossed with the subject. For instance, mention that you are actively involved in local area events related to geography? What have you gained from participating in them?
  • Follow word limits. A personal statement can be anywhere between 500-800 words. Writing more than 800 will not earn you any brownie points. Writing less than 500 will give an impression of haste and disinterest.
  • Ask for feedback on your personal statement. Share it with your professor or an expert who will be willing to help and ask for a scope of betterment.
  • Keeping up with grammar rules is highly important. Your personal statement can have a strong narrative, but the use of improper grammar will be problematic.

Here are a few things that can hamper the decision of your admission. Students should avoid these at all costs:

  • Don't simply say you're keen on Geography. Be explicit about what it is you appreciate. Mention what you know or comprehend about the world.
  • Try not to list your inclinations and interest areas as a menu. Show them. Describe your activities like joining a national society or volunteering for a conservation organisation.
  • Just boasting what you have done isn't valuable. Saying that you were head of a sports club is pointless except if you use it to show that you are, for instance, a cooperative person, can perform under tension and deal with time viably.
  • Do not rewrite your resume. We have a resume document to do that job.
  • Writing about negative or awkward personal events is a big no. The personal statement should be uplifting.
  • Do not wait till the last minute to get the statement correct. Start writing in time; this piece of information takes multiple revisions before finalization.
  • Do not make false claims like I will be the top-performing student in the class. Such claims prove to be redundant if anything.
  • Do not wear makeup. Academic counsellors can quickly figure out a lie if something does not add up.
  • Do not include any cliches and jargon.

Our geography personal statement experts have collated this list with utmost care. It will be a good idea to adhere to it for increased chances of success.

How Can Geography Personal Statement Help Provider Write A Winning Piece For You?

Our reliable and verified experts will provide a laudable online geography personal statement writing service because:

100% original content: Believe it or not, academic counsellors run your statements through plagiarism check software. Sometimes, a student might find a highly relatable personal statement on the internet. Copying it can lead to the cancellation of admission altogether. Our experts understand the gravity of this situation, and therefore, they write a highly customised personal statement for each student.

geography personal statement help uk

Knowing the requirements of universities: It is imperative to know the essential pointers that academic counsellors look for in a statement. Our experts have perfected this craft and write impressive statements.

Adept at writing your story: It is a slightly tricky task to write someone else’s story. Our specialists have a good hold on this skill. They curate your personal statement as if it is their journey.

Delivered within a deadline: Admission processes have strict deadlines, and writing a quality personal statement within the time frame is a challenge. Our academic experts

Unlimited revisions: Did not like some part of the statement? Let our experts know, and they will rewrite that part as per your liking.

Affordable academic services: Our services won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We understand that students have to manage their finances judiciously. Our experts provide cheap assignment help.

Guaranteed privacy: Most of the students hesitate while contacting us because of their privacy concerns. We have a strict policy against any revelations of the identity of students.

Not only personal statements, but our experts also give high-quality assignment writing service for geography assignments. Have a quick look at them yourself.

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A personal statement ranks as the fifth most important document in a student’s admission process. Its high value reflects the need for online geography personal statement writing service. They say time is money. Therefore, do not waste your precious time. Be quick and obtain our trustworthy services. Reach out to our experts today!

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