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Are you looking for academic assistance to get the best HS2 Rail Project assessment answers? Don't worry; our experts are here to help you. But before that, let's know about the HS2 rail project.

This paper mainly helps to explore the capacity and the role of strategic level assessments for addressing several types of strategic dimensions mentioned in the proposal of high-speed rail as well as influence the procedures of decision making. The whole objective of the research was mainly to search about the extent of chances for the several aspects related to strategic thinking, which are undertaken in a great way in its HSR.

Students will find three several types of cases of the high-speed rail that are mainly compared with high-speed rail in the UK and European gauze railway line counters. Here mainly, the strategic environmental assessment has an effect on the literature that was overlooked to conclude on several criteria which can establish a proper framework that will help to elaborate how sustainability, and environmental assessments, are undertaken in several types of mentioned European high-speed rail case studies.

Several types of research outcomes mainly enable us to draw a conclusion about the sustainability appraisal or SEA. It would be most affirmative when developed before any type of project to determine if it is strategically correct or justifiable for the achievement of both sustainable and environmental objectives.

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HS2 Rail Project Assessment Answers

What is the Timeline of HS2s Developments the Total Line Length -

In January 2009, the Department of Transport (DfT) established a company called HS2 to oversee the construction of the project. The proposals were approved by the government during the first part of 2010, and the chosen route was revealed in October of the same year. The period of public comment on the proposals ended in July 2011. In January of 2012, the government officially sanctioned the proposed route.

The initial stage of the HS2 project focuses on technical, design, environmental concerns. In February 2017, the House of Parliament and the Senate unanimously approved a hybrid measure that would authorize building the project's first phase.

Now we are going to elaborate on the project's second stage in two parts, known as Phase 2a Phase 2b. The composite bill for Phase 2a is projected to pass in 2020, and the House of Parliament cleared the first part in July 2019. Phase 2b hybrid legislation is expected to be tabled in Parliament in the second quarter of 2020.

The renowned Birmingham to London line is approximately 145 miles (230km) long the exact 'Y' network is approximately 331 miles (532km)wide. 55% of the 145-mile way can easily go through tunnels or cuttings, whereas approximately 59.9 miles (99km) can be partially or entirely hidden to lessen noise visual impacts on the neighbouring populations.

Here, the initial stage of HS2 will cost approximately 18.3bn ($28.8bn) for construction. The entire 'Y' shaped network, comprising relations with the Channel Tunnel Heathrow, will amount to 38.7bn ($55.8bn).

HS2 Rail Project Assessment Answers

What is the role of the Rolling Stock for the High-Speed Rail System of the UK -

Mainly, HS2 are going to operate with the highest speed, just trains classics.

The HS2 will be operated with high-speed only trains, and similar classic trains offer the highest capacities of seating to provide the huge percentages of passengers coming at the equivalent period.

High-speed trains regulate just on the high-speed routes, whereas similar classic trains go with the highest-speed existing tracks.

All the High-speed trains may run with a velocity of 229mph. Every component will get a proper length of 205m the capability to carry 1,000 people.

Two trails will be assembled jointly to operate during all the high times. These High-speed rails also need several categories of depots, extending a platform of the height of 750.

Importance of the Contractors in the HS2 construction

To complete this assignment, students must have a brief idea about the contractors who are the main pillars behind this construction. Our assignment solution for HS2 Rail Project provides a brief idea about it.

CH2M Hill was ordained as the growth member to give design, engineering, as well as environmental relief for the entire project of HS2 in December 2011.

In February 2013, HS2 built the whole ERM Temple area of Mott MacDonald Consortium, Atkins Arup for undertaking the impact of environmental assessments (EIAs) for this project.

In September 2013, HS2 mainly placed agreements with Atkins, Mott Macdonald, Capita Symonds Ineco JV Arup to construct several components, mainly the lines with high speed.

In October 2013, Parson Brinckerhoff rewarded agreements for designing the high-speed systems of the rails to the initial stage of the entire project to provide design modifications on the current Network of Rail networks at important interface points for allowing the entire HS2 construction.

List of Universities Offering HS2 Rail Project Program -

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  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Roehampton
  • Cardiff University
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • University of Bath
  • Aston University, Birmingham
  • University of Leeds
  • London Metropolitan University
  • University of Brighton
  • University of Portsmouth

HS2 Rail Project Assessment Sample Online

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HS2 Rail Project Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. Hitachi is the maker of this train. On 10 December 2021, it was announced by the government it comes one of the high-speed trains that was mainly built by him, and they are huge factories in county Durham, Derby Green, in a huge deal to provide the best support of 3000 jobs in the whole UK.

It is based on the roots. Its phase 1 can get a glimpse of the new high-speed rail line that is constructed from west midlands to London. Here it may rejoin all the existing costs of the main line. All the services can easily travel to places like Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and Preston. By the time 2013 to 2033, phase 1 will open.

Yes, our experts prepare your assignments following the marking rubric as this is the basics of your assignment and will help you get good marks.

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