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Need Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Dissertation Help? Get It Here!

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities are disorders that are usually present at birth. It covers a wide range of topics - Autism spectrum, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Brain injury, Retardation Disorders, etc. It covers the diagnosis - Adaptive behaviour, psychosocial status, mental status, functional behaviour, psychoeducational assessment, developmental screening, behavioural screening, forensic assessment, psychosexual assessment, social support, etc. Studying these topics sounds scary. Kudos to you for opting for this course. Remembering these topics, their interlinks with the human brain and psyche, diagnosis, etc., is a tough nut to crack.

intellectual and developmental disabilities dissertation help in UK

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intellectual and developmental disabilities dissertation help

What are the Common Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?

According to our subject matter experts, the common intellectual and developmental disabilities include:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition related to brain development. It changes the perception of a person and affects how they socialise with others. It leads to problems in communication and social skills. Among the many issues, a person suffering from this disorder displays a repetitive pattern of behaviour. Autism Spectrum Disorder has a wide range of severity and symptoms hence the “spectrum”.

Autism Spectrum Disorder now includes many conditions which were considered separate earlier - Childhood disintegrative disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and an unspecified form of pervasive developmental disorder.

Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder are seen from early childhood. It causes functional and behavioural abnormalities at school and socially. Usually, the symptoms of Autism are visible from the first year. Some show changes between the age of 18 and 24 months.

Treatment at an early age makes a huge difference in children suffering or developing signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is no cure for this disorder so far.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is associated with the development of the brain. The disorder impacts all aspects of the lives of a child. It causes a repetitive and limited pattern of behaviour. Getting Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Dissertation Help is easier than you think.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder:

A child or adult with autism spectrum disorder may have problems with social interaction and communication skills, including any of these signs:

  • Neglects to react to their name or seems not to hear you on occasion
  • Opposes snuggling and holding, and appears to favour playing alone, withdrawing into their reality
  • Has helpless eye to eye connection and needs look
  • Doesn't talk or has postponed discourse, or loses past capacity to say words or sentences
  • Can't begin a discussion or make a big difference for one, or just beginnings one to make demands or mark things
  • Talks with an unusual tone or beat and may utilize a monotonous voice or robot-like discourse
  • Rehashes words or expressions word for word, yet fail to see how to utilize them
  • Doesn't seem to comprehend basic inquiries or headings
  • Doesn't communicate feelings or sentiments and seems uninformed of others' sentiments
  • Doesn't point at or carry objects to share an interest
intellectual and developmental disabilities dissertation help in UK

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders. It affects posture, muscle tone and movement. It is caused due to immature brain development or damage caused to the brain during development.

Signs start appearing during infancy. In general, it causes impaired movement paired with abnormal reflexes, rigidness of the limb, involuntary movements, floppiness, unsteady gait or sometimes a combination of all.

Problems with swallowing, eye muscle imbalance, reduced range of joint movement, muscle stiffness are some of the issues that a person with cerebral palsy struggles with.

Some need assistance with walking, whereas some don’t. Deafness, blindness and epilepsy are also noticed in many of these cases. Although most people with cerebral palsy display intellectual disability, there are some with near-normal intellectual abilities.

Factors that can Lead to Problems with Brain Development Include:

  • Gene mutations lead to abnormal growth.
  • Maternal diseases that influence the creating baby.
  • Fetal stroke, an interruption of blood supply to the creating cerebrum.
  • Seeping into the mind in the belly or as an infant.
  • Baby contaminations that cause irritation in or around the cerebrum.
  • A horrible head injury to a baby from an engine vehicle mishap or fall.
  • The absence of oxygen to the mind is identified with troublesome work or conveyance, even though birth-related asphyxia is substantially less normally a reason than generally suspected.

Here is an dissertation for Your Perusal:

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Some examples of intellectual and developmental disabilities are brain injury, spina bifida, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, etc.

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