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The M134LON module aims to provide students with a solid understanding of the theories, procedures, and practices of leadership and people management in organisations. To improve their understanding of organizing and pushing individuals within a project or organisation, it focuses on enabling students to critically interact with major ideas within these fields of study and bring them to be pertinent and varied business situations.

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By opting for this course, students will gain the skills necessary to evaluate current organisational practices, make sound suggestions to enhance the working environment, and develop workable solutions. Students will have the chance to consider their own views on management, relationships between leaders and followers, and leadership during this session.

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M134LON assessment answers

The Goals of the Course and its Connection to Other Programs

  • Increase your grasp of the effects of the changing global environment on international business and management;
  • Describe, with examples, existing theories about culture, cultural similarities, and contrasts, and provide existing theories for comprehensively comprehending the cross-cultural settings of international commerce;
  • Allowing students to acquire the knowledge, talents, and skills required to manage across cultures;
  • Raise student awareness of diversity and employee performance, as well as their ability to engage with and communicate across cultures
  • Give students the chance to put the information and understanding they have acquired via problem-based, differentiated instruction to use;
  • Allow learners to consider their personal cultural acuity and areas where they could improve their performance at work.
  • To promote interdisciplinary learning and make it easier to understand global challenges pertinent to global companies, we connect with other related fields of study and programs that are part of the specialisation in international business and even beyond.

What Learning Outcomes are Anticipated from the M134LON Course?

  • Knowledge of the management implications of the evolving globalised economy and growing commercial and cross-cultural difficulties.
  • Apply problem-solving techniques to cross-cultural issues, critically analyse regional diversity, conduct analysis and comparison, and consider the impact on global business organisations. You should also be able to present persuasive arguments in favor of culturally aware and socially beneficial business practices.
  • Composed work that is expressed rationally and with clarity, supported by strong arguments, sympathetic to cultural differences, and accurate linguistically. Work collaboratively in multicultural teams and show knowledge of problem-solving techniques in multicultural teams.
  • Be able to integrate the UN Sustainable Goals into local and international business frameworks and articulate a variety of cultural reasons for the necessity of corporate citizenship and ethical behaviour in business.
  • Recognise the variations in bridge management styles and environmental sensitivity. Determine the leadership traits needed to handle cultural issues in global business. Present ideas and communicate in a way sensitive to cultural differences. Confidently debate topics linked to culture.

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M134LON assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The "Cross-Cultural Leadership" course's primary objective is to study a genuinely new approach to a business organisation while considering cross-cultural variations and developing the knowledge base essential for successful business and management worldwide.

It enables dispel harmful stereotypes and emotional biases about diverse groups. Cultural diversity enables us to identify and appreciate “ways of living” that are not necessarily our own.

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