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The Professional Development in Health and Social Care focuses on the maintenance and improvement in the competence, knowledge, skills and development of the professional qualities that are needed throughout the medical professional life. The main purpose of enhanced development within the health care sector is to improve and ensure the quality of care and assistance to the patients. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) plays a vital role in maximising the quality of care provided to the patients. Many medical and nursing pursuing students seek Professional Development in Health and Social Care assignment help online to understand the concepts and craft the assignment solutions easily. They opt for Professional Development in Health and Social Care academic assistance so that they can get sufficient knowledge of this field and can score HD marks to improve their overall academic grades.

professional development in health and social care assignment help UK

Moving further, we will tell you about the barriers that occur in Professional Development in Health and Social Care:

  1. Shortage of Staff: One of the biggest setbacks to achieving efficiency in CPD for Health care and Social care is the non-availability of human resources in the Health and Medical sectors.
  2. Lack of Funding: Lack of funds and capital directly influences the quality of service offered to the patients in the medical sector. Funding covers the cost that occurs in the development and training of the medical freshers who later provides quality services in health and social care.
  3. Insufficient Time: This states that there's not enough time for them to get additional knowledge and learn during working hours. They don't get time to observe the operations performed by their colleagues.
  4. Lack of Resources and IT Skills: Resources and IT-related skills play an imperative role in achieving professional health and social care development. Insufficient resources block the ways of additional learning materials.
  5. Shift Timings and Patterns: The timing slots and patterns of the shift also limit the access to learning. It directly impacts the night shift workers because they can't see, analyse, and learn about the professional practices that improve the health care of the patients.
professional development in health and social care assignments help

Top Universities that Offer the Course in Professional Development in Health and Social Care

Students often look for someone who can guide them to draft their Professional Development in Health and Social Care Assessment Answer due to insufficient knowledge and time. The name of these Top Universities are as follows:

  1. The University of Plymouth
  2. The Edge Hill University
  3. The London South Bank University
  4. The Oxford Brookes University
  5. The Coventry University
  6. The University of Southampton
  7. The Open University
  8. The University of Derby
  9. The Sheffield Hallam University
  10. The Swansea University

What are the Learning Outcomes of Pursuing this Course from the Above-Mentioned Universities?

Students look for Professional Development in Health and Social Care Assignment Help Online to gain adequate knowledge and information of the matter so that they can score impressive marks in their assignments projects and final examinations. There are multiple learning outcomes of this module, assessment, or course and the primary ones are given below:

  1. Evaluate and examine the professional skills that are required in a successful practitioner in the field of Health and Social Care.
  2. Explore the account of the personal learning process over the period.
  3. Demonstrate self-reflexivity as compared to your personal, family, professional, and cultural experiences from a designed and systemic perspective.
  4. Understand and learn the importance of evidence and research in Health and Social Care.
  5. Enhance your current knowledge and skills concerning future practices.

Modules, Units, and Topics that are covered in Professional Development in Health and Social Care!

Students are required to gain sufficient knowledge of the given topics to draft their academic tasks to fetch good marks from the lecturers. Taking Professional Development Health and Social Care Assignment Help from our experts is the best way to get the necessary information on the subject. Assignments are considered as one of the easiest yet complex ways to acquire impressive marks, and most of these tasks are given from the following topics:

  1. High Acuity Care Across the Lifespan
  2. Critical Issues in Health and Wellbeing
  3. Mental Health and Community
  4. Return to Midwifery and Nursing Practice
  5. Advanced Critical Care Practice
  6. Understanding Evidence to Inform Clinical Decision Making
  7. Introduction to Health and Social Care
  8. Introduction to Childhood Studies and Child Psychology
  9. Investing Health and Social Care
  10. Foundations for Social Work Practice
  11. Design the Methods for Clinical and Health Research
  12. Clinical and Professional Leadership in Health and Social Care
  13. Applied Quantitative Research Methods
  14. Contemporary Issues in Limb Loss
  15. Death, Dying, and Bereavement
professional development in health and social care assignment help UK

Peer Review on Professional Development in Health and Social Care via Social Media or Conference

This study was conducted to analyse the cost of participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in health and social care via social media or conferences. To refine and improvise the operations, Musculoskeletal Clinicians were invited. The outcome measures were completed by the 150 Clinicians from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and United States. Half of the applicants stated that they were more comfortable learning more with the live conference format. The majority of the Clinicians (114 bodies) indicated that they highly support social media and would pay for subscription services. The overall conclusion of this study defined that social media platforms are evolving and will contribute to providing sustainable professional development in health and social care.

Source: Maloney, S., Tunnecliff, J., Morgan, P., Gaida, J., Keating, J., Clearihan, L., ... & Ilic, D. (2017). Continuing professional development via social media or conference attendance: a cost analysis.JMIR medical education,3(1), e6357.

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