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Why Choose Our Project Initiation Dissertation Help?

The first phase of the project management cycle is project initiation. Project initiation is when the company decides whether a project is needed for the company or not. Suppose it is required then how beneficial the project will be for the company. The project initiation phase helps you define the purpose and expectations from the project, milestones, associated risks, project scope, stakeholders, etc. 

Project Initiation assignments require a lot of research work and are very time-consuming. The question that most of the students have in their minds is if anybody can help them with their Project Initiation Dissertation Help? Students require project initiation assignment help because of many assignments that need to be done simultaneously, or they do not have the necessary knowledge about the topic. We understand the complexities involved in completing the project given by the university professors and thus aim to help students who need assignment writing services.

Project Initiation Dissertation Help

Universities in the UK That Offer Courses on Project Management

As discussed above, project initiation is the first phase of project management. So, many universities in the UK undertake various courses on Project Management (including project initiation). Some of the top universities have been mentioned below by the Project Initiation assignment help UK for you

  1. University of Manchester
  2. University of Warwick
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. University of Sussex Business School
  5. University of London
  6. University of Strathclyde
  7. University of Salford
  8. University of Lincoln
  9. London School of Planning and Management
  10. University of Westminster
  11. University of Northampton
  12. Leeds Beckett University
  13. Coventry University
  14. University of Bradford
  15. University of Hertfordshire 

What is the Purpose of Project Initiation?

Project Initiation assignment writing services understand that the project initiation phase is the foundation of the project, so the project initiations stage must start well, leading to a successful project. Thus, the primary purpose of the project initiation is to identify whether a project is needed and, if yes, why it is required. It also aims to analyze whether the undertaken project is feasible and all resources required to carry out a project. Based on the forecasted costs and benefits in the initiation stage, it becomes easier to determine the project's suitability to continue to the implementation stage.

Project Initiation Documentation

Project Initiation Document (PID) defines the project's scope and the criteria for the project's success. It provides basic information about the project that is to be carried out regarding the team, management, scope, timelines, key stakeholders, collaboration, etc. The PID act as a guide for internal as well as the external stakeholders

Project Initiation assignment help UK provides below an extensive list of the documents required for the project initiation:

  1. Business cases (specifying the reason for carrying out the project)
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Project Proposal (providing details such as the project's name, initiator's name, resources required, proposed budget, etc.)
  5. Cost case (providing cost justification)
  6. Cost estimate (predicting the cost either for a single-phase or for a project as a whole)
  7. Project risk (Identifying and assessing the risks and deciding well in advance on how to manage those risks)
  8. Customer requirements (what are the needs of the customers and how this project will help in fulfilling those needs)
  9. Scope Statement (defines the scope of the project)
  10. Feasibility analysis (to determine whether a project will be successful or not)
  11. Impact analysis (provides the planned outcome of a project and its impact on the environment)
  12. Organization Chart (establishing a hierarchy or reporting structure)
  13. Project request ( formal description about the project submitted to the management)
  14. Press release (informing media bout the project, its mission & vision, impact on the environment, etc.)
  15. PID Sign off

Activities or Steps Involved in Project Initiation Stage

The Project initiation stage itself comprises several steps to be followed. The project initiation process includes six steps outlined below to start your project off right:

project Initiation Stage

Example of Project Initiation Coursework Help for Your Reference

Our experts try to understand the needs of the students who come to us for their assignment or dissertation help and are happy to provide their best knowledge to the students. Our experts are aware of the norms of the various universities. Moreover, before starting the assignments, our experts go through the guidelines of the universities assignments provided by the students. A screenshot of the Project initiation sample assignment done by one of our experts has been provided below for your reference. Please have a look at it.

Our experts are dedicated to providing the best assignment solutions to the students in the market. Thus, this is the reason most of the students come to us for Project Initiation dissertation help.


Example of Project Initiation Coursework Help for Your Reference


Example of Project Initiation Coursework

The sample solution provided above might help you get an idea of expert’s works on your assignments.

Why Choose Project Initiation Dissertation Help UK?

The first question that might come to your mind is "Why to choose a project initiation dissertation help the UK?" and "How would that help you?"

We try to understand your needs and work as per your requirements. We try to provide with you the best solutions to your assignments on time. Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

Best solution: Our experts try to provide you with the best answers to your questions. The answers provided are researched well. Our experts examine every project given to them, and then they provide solutions to the best of their knowledge. All the answers are well-formatted and appropriately referenced.

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