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Ratios Analysis is a quantitative methodology. It could help you gain organizational insights into profitability, operational efficiency, and liquidity by evaluating its balance sheets and income statements. It is a fundamental procedure to carry out equity analysis. Moreover, it consists of comparing the line-item detail gathered from the organization's financial statements, thereby revealing its profitability, liquidity, and operational efficiency. With the help of ratio analysis, one could predict how organizations perform over a specific period by comparing two or more than two organizations within the same sector. The methodology comprises several concepts that make the subject difficult for the students to understand. But, you do not need to stress yourself anymore as we are here to assist you with our Ratios Analysis Dissertation help. We have a team of highly experienced Ratios Analysis homework help experts who are proficient in their Dissertation help work.

Ratios Analysis Assignment Help UK

Ratios Analysis Experts Explain the Concept

It is done to analyze financial trends of the organization outcomes over a period where there are five branches of ratios like solvency, profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and coverage ratios which reflect the organization performance.

Several examples of those ratios comprise return on equity, price-earnings ratio and many more.

  • Profitability ratios: It suggests the returns that are produced from the business with the invested capital. Moreover, it includes:
    1. Gross Profit Ratio (Formula = Gross Profit/Net Sales*100)
    2. Net Profit Ratio (Formula = Net Profit/Net Sales*100)
    3. Operating Profit Ratio (Formula = Ebit/Net sales*100)
    4. Return on Capital Employed (Formula = Ebit/Capital Employed)
  • Liquidity Ratios: It shows whether the organization has required liquidity to meet its short term obligations or not.
    1. Current Ratio (Formula = Current Assets / Current Liabilities)
    2. Quick Ratio (Formula = Cash & Cash Equivalents+Marketable Securities+Accounts Receivables/Current Liabilities)
  • Solvency Ratios: It suggests whether the organization is solvent and can pay off the debt.
    1. Debt-Equity Ratio (Formula = Total Debt/Shareholders Fund. Where Total Debt = long term + short term + other fixed payments shareholder funds)
    2. Interest Coverage Ratio (Formula = Ebit/Interest Expense)
  • Turnover Ratios: It shows how effectively the liabilities and assets of the organization are employed to produce revenue.
    1. Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio (Formula = Net Sales / Average Fixed Assets)
    2. Inventory Turnover Ratio (Formula = Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventories)
    3. Receivable Turnover Ratio (Formula = Net Credit Sales / Average Receivables)
  • Earning Ratios: It vocalizes the returns that the organization produces for its investors or shareholders.
    1. P/E Ratio (Formula = Market Price per Share/Earnings Per Share)
    2. Earnings Per Share (Formula = (Net Income – Preferred Dividends) / (Weighted Average of Shares Outstanding))
    3. Return on Net Worth (Formula = Net Profit/Equity Shareholder Funds. Equity Funds = Equity + Preference + Reserves - Fictitious Assets)
Ratios Analysis Assignment Help UK

What is Ratio Analysis for?

  • Business Trends: Trends that assist in determining the direction of a financial attribute of a business, comprising whether the profit rate is going up or down. For more information, contact our Ratios Analysis dissertation help in the UK.
  • Competitive comparison: Businesses in the same industry will have the same capital structures and fixed assets. By comparing the outcomes of ratio analysis of these businesses, one can evaluate whether a business is an industry leader or is just keeping up with competitors.

What are the Major Topics Covered by our Ratios Analysis Coursework Help Online Experts?

  • Profitability analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Earnings qualify
  • Valuation ratios
  • Banking ratios
  • Solvency ratios
  • Cash flow ratios
  • Return ratios
  • Growth ratios
  • Efficiency ratios

Moreover, if you have any other topic on your list, you can connect with our customer service for further information.

ratios analysis assignment help

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