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Surface Chemistry is a branch of Chemistry that involves the studies of surface phenomena. Surface chemistry measures the surface composition as well as studies the chemistry of solid samples. More precisely, it can be said that it deals with chemical reactions at the interfaces. The reactants initially get adsorbed onto the surface which thereby acts as a catalyst for a reaction. The surface’s chemical composition gets varied by incorporating selected functional groups or elements resulting in improvised surface properties.

Surface Chemistry Assignment Help UK

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Surface Chemistry Assignment HelpImportant Topics Covered By Surface Chemistry Assignment Helper In UK

Surface Chemistry refers to the study of phenomenon including absorption, corrosion, crystallization, and adsorption which takes place at the interface of bulk phases. For instance, an interface between solid and gas is represented as solid gas. The major topics covered by our experts in surface chemistry include:

  1. Adsorption
  2. Kinds of adsorption
  3. Physisorption or physical adsorption
  4. Sorption
  5. Desorption
  6. Chemisorption or chemical adsorption
  7. Adsorption applications
  8. Isotherms of adsorption
  9. Freundlich isotherms of adsorption
  10. Factors influencing adsorption
  11. Catalysts
  12. Adsorption theory with respect to Heterogeneous catalysis

Surface Chemistry Assignment Help UK

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Applications of Surface Chemistry

There are numerous instances of the usage of Chemistry in the daily routine from employing sunscreen to the baking of the cake. Our surface chemistry assignment experts have listed a few of the surface chemistry applications below via instances to make the concept clearer.


It is a phenomenon to separate, purify, and test various compounds. In this technique, the mixture that has to be separated is exerted over a stationary phase while the pure solvent is migrated over it comprising the components following their solubility in a solvent. Distinct types of chromatography include thin layer, Adsorption, Columns, and Partition chromatography.

Reactions at Electrode

The substance which conducts electricity and connects non-metallic parts of the circuit such as semiconductors, plasma, electrolytes, etc are called electrodes. In this process, the simultaneous oxidation-reduction process occurs and thus is a good example of surface chemistry. It is observed in a simple cell, lithium-ion battery, fuel cells, etc.


Every reaction cannot occur at a similar rate in the provided conditions. In order to lower down the activation energy needed to convert the reactants into products, few reagents have to be appended. Such reagents are called catalysts while this process is termed catalysis.

Formation of Colloid

A colloid refers to a heterogeneous mixture wherein the particulates of a substance get dispersed into the other [known as a medium of dispersion]. Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Reduction, and Displacement are few examples of the processes of surface chemistry through which the formation of colloidal occurs.

Top Universities In UK That Offer Chemistry Courses

  • Oxford University
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Bristol
  • Cambridge University
  • University College London
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Bath
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Nottingham

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Surface Chemistry Assignment assessment Help Surface Chemistry Assignment thin layer chromotography

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